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Profit Day, Orange Trade and As-brokerage - Scams! Compensation for partners.

The trend for poor hyip performance continues, admins are trying to collect at least some money for the holidays.
The admins' considerations are clear: now there are few deposits, and in December they will be even less. Why then work?
Investors need to be extra careful for the rest of the year.
Submit applications, we will pay compensation.

Profit Day: Why did you take advertising? 
We didn't even have time to write a review. The admin essentially took the listing and stopped paying.

Orange Trade: Trying is sometimes not enough.
The admin launched the project with the right attitude: he was positive, he wanted to work.
Apparently the market has made some adjustments. I paid to the last, pulled with a scam.
But, of course, he has absolutely nothing to be proud of.

As-brokerage: We threw down the project.
According to the admin, several large deposits did not allow paying interest throughout December.
How much money the administrator took away, only he knows. We fix the scam.

Projects stopped paying. The current fund amount is $ 500 + VIP fund for everyone.
I'm waiting for reports, we send them through the new bot @Bender_PHbot (very convenient and there is a chance to get 110%)
or a special form for compensation:

Dogebox is a scam! Compensation for partners.

The work is very weak, although the admin is not a no-name.
Apparently the proximity of winter gives its own adjustments. Many admins complain in PM about "few deposits".
Most investors have turned on the "observer" mode.
Submit applications, we will pay compensation.

The project has stopped paying. The actual amount of the fund is $ 500 + VIP fund for deposits from $ 500.
I'm waiting for reports, we send them through the new bot @Bender_PHbot (very convenient and there is a chance to get 110%)
or a special form for compensation: - decent development, regular updates and more than 850% profit for 40 weeks of work.

Vixes Project OverviewWelcome dear partners and visitors to the Profit Hunters blog!
Perhaps now is the best time to revise your working investment portfolio and highlight projects that have a great chance to survive all the New Year's holidays and remain in service in 2021. One of these projects is Vixes, which was posted from the start on the blog and has been running for the tenth month. The site specializes in cryptocurrency mining and pays up to 3% of income per day, which over the entire period contributed to an increase in investments of the first investors by 8 times. As part of this review, we propose to discuss the features of the resource, as well as talk about the advantages and current achievements of the investment fund.

Review and reviews of the project. Average interest rate with a yield of 1.5% to 2.5% per day in trading markets.

Ziktrade project overviewAgainst the background of numerous fasts and indefinite term in the investment market, we propose to work with an interesting middle manager, the administrator of which is aimed at smooth development. The project entered the blog immediately after the official launch and, based on the listing, received the right to be among the worthy projects on the blog in the VIP format. Investors are presented with a choice of three tariff plans, in which you can earn from 15% to 75% of deposits in 10-30 days. There are only two payments for replenishment so far, there is little advertising on the network, so there is a chance to make money in low activity mode, we recommend.

Review and feedback of the project. Investments in betting for 20-100 days at 0.5% -1.5% per day.

Forward Bett project overviewAt the start, we entered a non-standard investment project based on a telegram application that offers trust management services for betting with a declared profit of 10% to 150% in 20-100 days. The administration intends to work mainly with large investors from $ 1000 and above, there is a test one-time tariff, investments are available in cryptocurrency. According to rumors from colleagues, serious development is planned here not only with an online audience, but also with going offline. The project on the blog is designed in a VIP format, we took it under constant control, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the review.

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