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The project stopped payments. The current amount of the fund is 500 $ + VIP fund for depositors from 500 $.

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News HYIP-industry (12.08-18.08.2019)

I welcome you dear partners!
Another week of investment in HYIPs has left its mark, and it is precisely on this occasion that today's news release on the Profit Hunters blog will be compiled. The situation in the industry as a whole is calm and stable now, we are not observing giants yet, we are looking at promising new products for short-term investments. Of course, we also faced losses, but good diversification always allows us to equalize the situation. The current week was not eventful, so we will touch on the most significant points. Stay tuned for updates on the blog, subscribe to our telegram channel so as not to miss important announcements, and participate in our ongoing promotions. The final release will be formed by the end of the day.

Types of payouts in HYIPs - which mode of withdrawal of profit is better?

After making a deposit, any investor eagerly awaits the receipt of profit on his wallet. But each project has its own conditions for withdrawal, and for many investors this is one of the most important nuances that are paid attention to when choosing a hype. What methods of profit can be in the project, what is better for investors, admins and the security of the fund itself - we will understand this article.


Overview and reviews of the project. Highly profitable piggy bank with perpetual hourly charges from 3.1% to 5.1% per day.

Crypto Time Project OverviewWe replenished the VIP section of the blog with a fresh investment piggy bank with hourly accruals from 0.13% to 0.21% and the absence of time limits. In reality, your deposit will generate income as long as you wish, because you can withdraw the entire amount at any time with a penalty of 10% of the face value. The admin in the project is experienced and in the last "piggy bank" already made money, on this wave we are counting on getting profit now. The project is developing quietly, according to forecasts, various updates are awaiting us, and since the launch has just taken place, we recommend that you familiarize yourself and come with us at the start.

Review and reviews of the project Quality middleman with accruals up to 3.5% per day.

Just Investing Online Project OverviewWe offer you to familiarize yourself with investment offers from the high-quality Just Investing Online project, which appeared online back in December 2018. Technically and visually, the resource is processed at an average level, there are no special complaints, it is well prepared. The investment opportunities of depositors allow them to increase their investments from 50% to 370% of net profit for 45-365 days. Marketing is interesting and profitable, for all tariffs the deposit is included in the payments. On the blog, the project was added in VIP format, there are few advertisements on the network, henceforth we will monitor the state of the investment platform, we recommend that you look closely.

Overview and reviews of the project. New investment platform with accruals up to 6% per day.

Flex Fish Project OverviewMeet the latest review release for a new medium-profitable project with profitable balanced marketing, strong equipment and smooth promotion. Flex Fish Investment Fund started only yesterday with a parallel announcement on our VIP blog, which provides enhanced deposit protection for all our partners. The deposit part consists of two plans with a yield of 112% and 156% for the period 6 and 26 calendar days, payments are instant with an allowable delay of up to a day. We don’t know the admin, nothing is known about past works, but the project is interesting and needs attention, we recommend you take a closer look.

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