07.10.2013g - Features promotion HYIP

At its core, HYIP is, first of all, not a fraudulent fund, as it is often imagined by uninformed users, and not even a tool for making money. At least, not in such a role want to see him some enterprising creators. For them - this is the fruit of their imagination, the result of mental and physical effort and, ultimately, a product that you need to "sell" profitably. The expanses of the network represent enough opportunities for comprehensive and competent promotion, and the quality and scale of promotion depends directly on the priorities of the manager and the effect, which is the ultimate authority in the work of the HYIP derivative ... (Further…)

05.10.2013g - Project Overview Welortrade.com

VelorToday I would like to draw your attention to a new sredneprotsentnik, "dark horse" if you want. Against the background of the bar fall sredneprotsentnikov, honest administrators is difficult to gain the confidence of investors, and it is a natural phenomenon. For this program, we are also eyeing, after passing the first round you can make some conclusions. Let's take a closer look ... (Further…)

News review: 04.10.2013g

This week is not much interesting happened in the section. True experienced administrators are finally starting to wake up from their slumber the summer and in the fall of projects that really want and are not afraid to invest. The general trend in the high-yield investment - a serious departure from net admins online promotion, and a growing interest in off-line. Some even take advertising in RBC, opening offices and handing out flyers in the metro ... (Further…)

03.10.2013g - Project Overview Lestrangecompany.com

11111111111Despite the huge number of proposals in the section of mid-percentage, really high-quality, powerful projects are units. The immense Empire, taking into account the redesign, juggling with payments and the frank "throwing" of money no longer looks so monolithic and reliable. Against the background of general instability, a competent investor has to look for solid projects, proven time, with good dynamics of development and distinct figures of profit. One of the undisputed leaders among mid-percentage, who showed his attitude to work is the company Lestrange & Co. Let's take a closer look ...

Lestrange company
Legend of the project - is original and unconventional: leasing of medical equipment ... Himself have medical education - this close to my subjects I project and hooked at the beginning of their work. Beat the legend is very good - with photos, detailed descriptions of activities - Respect the administrator. (Further…)

03.10.2013g - Why close HYIPs?

No matter how clean and good-natured the person (the person did not seem) was, the instinct of self-preservation works on him at a subconscious level - so nature has rewarded. Administrators of HYIP, being unquestioning representatives of the human race, in this regard - is no exception. Creating their offspring, they in most cases order them to live long. The duration of the project is a pledge that day after day the manager will receive a "fresh penny" to the account, and no special efforts are necessary to anyone. Nevertheless, everything comes to an end due to certain circumstances. What usually causes admins to "turn the bench" ... (Further…)

01.10.2013g - Reduce investment losses.

Like any other industry, HYIPs sometimes experience rapid changes. As a result, many investors simply do not have time to react to them. Of course, few of us are able to foresee everything. However, we still have the tools to minimize losses. Today we will talk about how just 7 steps to reduce losses to a minimum. (Further…)

27.09.2013g - Ideal investment project - what is it?

Daily industry born dozens of new projects - both good and not so good. By the latter is meant the projects that die quickly. Let's try to understand how it is possible to choose a worthy candidate for investment, which would not have deceived you, at least for a few months. It should look like the average HYIP dreams? (Further…)

Information-Analytical Center Invest-Ranger.com

Today we want to draw your attention to the unique service that automatically analyzes all the basic features you are interested in the investment project. Agree - very convenient! The creator of this resource certainly spent a lot of time and effort, and we need to give him credit - the site has turned out "for the people". beginners do not now need to delve into the theory and to ask detailed analysis from experienced colleagues, and veterans of the HYIP industry is convenient to obtain all the information about the project in one place. Let's take a closer look at this unique product ... (Further…)

News review: 25.09.2013g

I apologize to the readers for the delay in the news - on a portal of the technical work carried out a couple of days now continue with renewed vigor ...

The main news portal - appeared "Our friends" section in which we will recommend to our subscribers useful resources for the investor. The first added to the list of very useful service for the automatic analysis of high-yield investment program - Invest-ranger.com For a beginner, but to be honest - and for experienced investors simply irreplaceable resource.

As for the industry - all the trends described in the past persist News Reviews - fierce competition in the centerpiece, "magic purses" in MLM ... (Further…)

News review: 18.09.2013g

A new feature from the MLM section admin - in all chat rooms, the so-called "exchanges", a modification of "magic wallets", are actively discussed. As a matter of fact it is the bought verified purse of a perfection and a thriving website-blog without design and protection on the topic of lending. Admins use the service of the exchange of loans of the Perfect system - they take funds on credit at huge interest rates (on average 20% per day), wait for the cashier to fill up their deposits and brazenly throw everything. An interesting idea, but the risks of such investments are simply prohibitive! I'm sure it's much more effective to invest in time-tested, evolving programs from the middle-percentage section ... (Further…)

News review: 14.09.2013g

In the industry these days is nothing grand had happened. In the center was not interesting announcements: a couple of mediocre projects predictable pair of benches.
Both investors and administrators hastily verifying their wallets PM - nobody wants to pay extra money.
Home Personal news - I went through security check online mmgp and became the official insurer of the forum. I will stand guard over your contributions (Further…)

News review: 10.09.2013g

Today came the news from the main payment systems industry - Perfect Money: for unverified users Commission when transferring funds increases from standard 0,5% to 1,99%. In the 4 times! Not bad eh? This means only one thing - the admins and users will be in a hurry to verify their PM accounts; and you better do it in advance, so as not to lose money on translations.

The industry is also visible in the trend growth. Mullions are growing like mushrooms after rain, and investors increasingly difficult to choose 2-3 project of this motley variety. Quickly run through beginners section. (Further…)

News review: 6.09.2013g

No wonder all the same investors have been waiting for the end of summer - happy eyes looking at my favorite section sredneprotsentnikov. Admins awoke from years of hibernation and the investor does have a lot to choose from. I caught myself thinking - the section is increasingly reminds me of an Oriental bazaar. Admins as traders beckoning investors in their projects, praising their goods and surprising onlookers unusual descriptions, striking design and proven reputation. In the life in full swing, investors have to look and where to make money. (Further…)

05.09.2013g - Project Overview Britishengroup.com

logo_kvadrat2Despite the fact that some investors are laughing at the myth of the "season" HYIP industry, have to konstantirovat fact - in the summer such interesting projects hardly flickered ...

Today I want to draw your attention to a new sredneprotsentnik, which clearly stands out from the crowd of his forethought projects, their technical execution and the scale of his legend.

Admin does not just take into account all the details to create this masterpiece - he really confuse ...

04.09.2013g - Project Overview Asiaforinvest.com

asiaIf you look at the mid-percentage hip section from the side, you can see that all the programs are one way or the other. I'm not talking about the underprojects made on the knee by avid schoolchildren - it's about quality representatives of the industry. Similar designs, similar development, similar legends and plans ... If the administrator manages to somehow stand out from the gray mass of forex traders and gold / oil traders - then the investors' attention to his project is assured. But sometimes there are interesting middles breaking all norms and standards - and this is just great! And if at the helm of such a high-skilled administrator, charged to work - then this project has every chance to become a legend ... (Further…)

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