In the category of VIP-projects on the blog appeared top fast with last year’s history. Experienced admins manage the site, since the project of partisan has been a partisan since 2017, and all this time it has been quietly waiting for the moment. After 470 days, the supporters of the desk finally got its transformation and went into the active phase of development. The investment part is popular with super-advantageous tariffs, among which the one-day plan with 102.6% of the amount is most relevant. There are a lot of payments, payments are fast, you will learn everything else from the review.

News HYIP-industry (10.10-05.11.2018)

I welcome you dear partners!
We abandoned the news section of the HYIP industry a little bit, work on the blog a little lately, but now a new month has begun, a lot of information has been digging, so we decided to create another issue. To cover all the events completely will not work, we will touch only the most significant of them, but even in an abbreviated version, the material should turn out to be quite voluminous. So let's get started ...

Payment systems in HYIPs in 2018

HYIPs are a sphere in which a lot of money is spinning, and electronic payment systems serve their movement in projects and on the wallets of investors. There are quite a few of them, but only a few of them became fond of high-yield investments - they will be discussed in this article. Therefore, if you are a novice investor who does not know which EPS to choose for work, or a depositor who is in search of the optimal option, most likely get acquainted with the payments for the HYIPs that are relevant in 2018.

(Further…) - a cool trading platform on a smart contract with your tokens

On the blog is another project working on a smart contract, which pleased both the level of training and interesting investment conditions. invites us to acquire our tokens, fully supported by the ether, and to profit from all transactions on the exchange. At any time, the investor can sell his tokens and receive income from the difference rate, which is completely dependent on demand - the activity of investors will cause a gradual increase in its price. The idea is interesting, the implementation is at a decent level, and in addition to everything - the project is just beginning to spread on the Internet. We start cooperation with HYIP practically from the start, your deposits are protected in case of force majeure by the Deposit Protection Fund from 500 $. If the project has attracted attention, then later in the review you can explore all the features of its work.

(Further…) project overview. Investment in loan portfolio up to 2.5% per day.

In this review, we will consider a new multifunctional platform, where each user can simultaneously be not only an investor and partners, but also a lender and borrower. Cubenomia project is an anonymous p2p-exchange of loans secured by cryptocurrency. For investors, three tariffs are open with different conditions for terms and profitability; net earnings can range from 32% to 150% in 18-100 days. The project started this week, the admin has not yet started advertising, in turn, on the blog, the resource from the start is designed in the VIP format and is accompanied by the best conditions for our partners.

The most profitable HYIPs in the portfolio

Investment portfolio diverse and in it you can find a project for every taste and color. But the main thing is not quantity at all, but quality, and with this we have complete order, because the projects presented on the blog generate income. In this article, we offer a little analytics and talk about the best portfolio projects that don’t think to slow down, but have already managed to bring the highest percentages of profit to us and our partners.


Project Overview The average profitable investment platform with a yield of up to 42% per month.

We have added a new average profitable project to the blog with an original idea and a long-term investment line in marketing. In essence, the Invest Family project acts as a platform for start-ups, where there are ready-made profitable businesses, in which we are offered to invest for a period from 150 to 300 days with charges from 25% to 42% per month, and it is possible to promote exactly your product . The project is not advertised at the moment in the network, the audience is small, but the development prospects can be quite high, and given that the resource we have is available from the start in the VIP format, our partners can take priority positions and rely on the protection of deposits from the blog.

Overview of the project Medium profit smart contract with daily charges up to 2,5%

We present to your attention an extended review of the new project on the Ethereum smart contract called The popularity of “national” HYIPs is actively growing, they are significantly evolving and becoming more multifunctional and interesting for investors. It is this more advanced technically that the most recent smart contract, developed by an experienced administration, is undoubtedly. The project has an attractive and at the same time working marketing with a yield from 1% to 2,5% per day with a limited deposit period, and at the same time there are a number of interesting chips. A smart contract has been added to the portal in the VIP format, protection of 500 $ extends to the deposits of our partners - and this is not the only reason to turn our attention to this investment fund. (Further…)

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