Review of the project Top middler with floating yield on 30-120 days. A personal choice!

Published on the blog review of the next mid-income resource from the mother foreign manager, who in the past gave good money. The project is designed as our personal choice, for investors there are better conditions from the blog. Despite the long exposure of the fund since last May, the official launch took place just a few days ago. The time has been chosen calm for a smooth start, however the project has already proved itself well in the investment arena. The basis for comfortable work is a multifunctional script of individual production with a pleasant personal cabinet and connection of a huge number of payment systems, deposits in the crypto currency are passed without conversion. Marketing is designed for a period from 30 to 120 days with a charge of floating interest, all plans with a return at the end of the term. Actually, this is not all the features of the fund, we will move on to details. (Project start: June 5 2018 years). PROBLEMS

PERSONAL CHOICE! Well-built project, the administrator in the past gave a good earn - I recommend!

According to the legend the beginning of the company's activity was laid back in 2013 by combining several traders who managed the investment pool and successfully increased it in volume. Later, the team of traders grew, the company obtained a legal residence permit and opened an online investment reception in order to expand its capabilities, creating long-term investment pools. Specificity of the company is in the arbitrage trade in crypto-currency assets. Own strategies and professional work of financial experts allow you to manage capital in such a way that trade transactions in the end result are closed with a positive effect, which allows the administration to settle with investors for liabilities. Bitcoin Arbitrage Limited is officially registered in Hong Kong from 22 March 2017 (registration number: 2505897).

Design The project is unique, executed qualitatively and, perhaps interesting to you, will know, developed last year. The admin intentionally did not start the project in the work, he was waiting for the right moment and was preparing for the upcoming start. There are no comments on the site, just every detail is worked out, the information part is full, the links and navigation work correctly, the level of professionalism is felt. However, this is only the first impression. After registration, the feeling of quality only increases. The functionality of the personal cabinet is even more impressive, which is not the case here, the developers also took care of the security of users through two-factor authentication and confirmation of actions via SMS alerts. The financial section allows you not only to make deposits, create withdrawal requests and view the history of charges. Here you can independently negotiate crypto currency, calculate the expected profit in any currency, change the compounding factor at any time and many other useful things. Be sure to register by our link from Profit Hunters and evaluate all the possibilities of the resource.

Investment Plans in the BitArb project are based on the principle of share accruals, based on the company's daily profit and the amount of funds invested. On average, the company's profitability is 8% -12% per week. Investors from this profit will receive from 50% to 90%, i.e. the interest of depositors 4% -11% per week, again depends on the size of your deposit. The percentage of accruals is carried out daily at a floating rate for 30-120 days (1-4 months). The minimum deposit can be opened from 50 dollars with a refund at the end of the term. Throughout the whole period of the deposit operation, reinvestment of profit (0% -100%) is available in increments of 10%. In addition, the deposit body can be withdrawn ahead of time with a commission of 30% of the amount.

1. Alpha
Company profit: 1.5% -3% daily (floating interest)
Share of the investor - 50% of the company's profit
Min / max contribution: $ 50 - $ 999
The period of the deposit: 30 days
Return of the deposit at the end of
Available reinvestment (0% -100%)

2. Beta
Company profit: 1.5% -3% daily (floating interest)
Share of the investor - 60% of the company's profit
Min / max contribution: $ 1000 - $ 4999
The period of the deposit: 45 days
Return of the deposit at the end of
Available reinvestment (0% -100%)

3. Gamma
Company profit: 1.5% -3% daily (floating interest)
Share of the investor - 75% of the company's profit
Min / max contribution: $ 5000 - $ 24999
The period of the deposit: 60 days
Return of the deposit at the end of
Available reinvestment (0% -100%)

4. Delta
Company profit: 1.5% -3% daily (floating interest)
Share of the investor - 90% of the company's profit
Min / max contribution: $ 25000 - $ 250000
The period of the deposit: 120 days
Return of the deposit at the end of
Available reinvestment (0% -100%)

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain redeemed 2024 years
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Discussion of the project on MMGP:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinGold, Ethereum, Litecoin, Omisego, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Zcash.
payment type: Hand (up 24 hours).
The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 $ or the equivalent in the crypto currency, there is no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program (four-level): 8% -4% -2% -1% of your partner's deposits.
8% of deposits partners 1-level
4% of deposits partners 2-level
2% of deposits partners 3-level
1% of deposits partners 4-level

Representation Partner Program (four-level): 14% -6% -3% -2% of your partner's deposits.
14% of deposits partners 1-level
6% of deposits partners 2-level
3% of deposits partners 3-level
2% of deposits partners 4-level

Telephone: + 85281207801
Form of feedback, online support, telegram-bot, social networks, forum.

Conclusion: an excellent new middens on a script with an extended dashboard and its own chips. The technical part is provided at a decent level, the resource looks attractive, but all the most interesting lies in the personal area of ​​the project, i.e. after registration. Marketing is moderate, it allows you to regulate profitability at the expense of a floating interest rate. The share of investors' profit directly depends on the size of the deposit and the daily profitability of the project. On average, the company's profitability is fixed from 1.5% to 3% per day, participants are automatically deducted 50% -90% of this amount. The optimal option from the proposed tariffs is for 30 days with deposits up to 1000 $. By investing a minimum amount, remember that you can print at least 5 $, i.e. about once per 10 days with the contribution of 50 $. Earlier with the administrator already worked, he knows how to present his projects with wide popularity, we recommend. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 10 July 2018 year with the fund from 500 $. We offer our partners a refund of 10% from your deposit.

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23 review to "Review of the project midsummer with floating yield on 30-120 days. Personal choice!"

  1. Juafinius:

    Deposited On: 04-Jul-2018 04: 11 PM
    Last ROI: 13-Jul-2018 04: 12 PM
    Expires In: 21 Days

    Received 1.06 € from ROI of 2.12% (50%) 13-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 1.13 € from ROI of 2.26% (50%) 12-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 0.855 € from ROI of 1.71% (50%) 11-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 0.925 € from ROI of 1.85% (50%) 10-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 1.12 € from ROI of 2.24% (50%) 09-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 1.07 € from ROI of 2.14% (50%) 08-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 0.795 € from ROI of 1.59% (50%) 07-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 1.01 € from ROI of 2.02% (50%) 06-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Received 0.835 € from ROI of 1.67% (50%) 05-07-2018 04: 12 PM
    Status changed to ACTIVE 04-07-2018 04: 11 PM

  2. lenussha:

    Internal Transaction API
    Transaction ID:

    53.79 USD
    BitArb withdrawal # 2476

  3. Andris:

    Date: 11.07.2018 19: 36: 09
    ID: 608604471
    Details: P1000509132 → P1000
    Amount: 53.82 USD
    Comment: BitArb withdrawal # 2426

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