Do simple actions and get good money from the blog
We process reports once a week, every friday. Convenient forms for reports - download below (we recommend Excel!).
Dont need to send links to posts - only the number.
Minimal deposit for Bounty - 50$
Please be fair, there will be no payments at all.
Send all questions and reports to: telegram @PH_Bounty or mail

Report Forms (We recommend Excel - calculates the amount automatically).



Social networks

Social networks

Add comments with payments under any picture/post. 1 payout = 1 comment.

  • Blog (comment) = 0.05$
  • YouTube (like + comment) = 0.05$
  • Facebook (like + repost + comment) = 0.05$
  • Instagram (like + repost + comment = 0.05$
  • Twitter (like + repost + comment) = 0.05$


Comments with payments are left strictly in the project branch. See examples of comments in the Rule.



We pay for posts about receiving bonuses/refback/compensations on the blog topics on the forums:



  • Post about deposit and withdrawals in the Telegram chat of the project (also indicating the blog) = 0.1$
  • Avatar + Signature on your Telegram account = 2$/week (to well-known hyipers/bloggers - up to $ 10/week, as we deal)

To receive the bonus you must:

Add one of PH avatars on your Telegram account;
Sign the account: "I invest with the blog and recommend it!";
Be subscribed to our Telegram chat/channel.
PH avatars for Bounty:

For the report send:

Your nicknames on Telegram. Only active accounts;
DO NOT cheat nicknames/do not make fake accounts;
We reserve the right not to pay this bonus without explanation.

Tell a friend

  • Bring a new investor to the blog = 5$

You invited a new person to the blog - he must:

  • Register on PH Blog;
  • Subscribe to PH Telegram channel/chat;
  • Make the first deposit on our reflink from $20 (to any project on the blog).

In the report we drop:

  • The friend’s nickname on the blog and his nickname in the Telegram;
  • Do not make fakes yourself;
  • We will check, in case of fraud - a ban and the deprivation of bonuses/refbacks/insurance.

Is it a lot or a little?

We answer your mental question: Aren't you ashamed to pay such a penny?

Let's count.

Let's say you invested in three projects on a blog and invited two friends in a week.

We consider:

  • Each project will bring you $8 * 0.05 per comment = $0.4 per day/$2.8 per week;
  • $2.8 * 3 = $8.4 for three projects per week;
  • + $2 per telegram account;
  • + $10 for inviting friends.

$ 20.4 profit per week. *And this is the minimum*

Posting on social networks/aggregators takes no more than 15-20 minutes a day.

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