Overview project. A new direction of Cashbery largest holding with the investment program of 16% to 28% per month.

In the framework of the next review, we will consider today the investment-training platform "Auction League" from the creators of the powerful holding Kashbury. The site can be called a subsidiary of the holding company with a new round of development in a different direction. Despite the fact that the site is located in a completely different domain zone, they are fully synchronized with each other. Those. If you already have an account with Cashbery, just enter your login and password from there and you will be taken to your office. The project is not yet fully disclosed, some functions are waiting for their hour to start, here the investment side is fully tested and works. In marketing, a line of 5 plans is presented, the validity period of each of them is 500 days, the body of the deposit is included in payments. The withdrawal of accrued funds once a week, based on the chosen tariff, the profit can be from 16% to 28% per month. Promotion is still quite dry, moving weak, that's when the exchange with lots starts, then we'll see how interesting it will be for investors. (Project Start: May 12 2017 years).

According to the legend The project is an investment-training platform where a team of specialists will be able to teach you a new profession "expert in bidding for bankruptcy", providing a free allowance and a number of video tutorials. For more in-depth development of the business, various trainings will be conducted on a fee basis. In the investment direction, participants are encouraged to rely on the company's experience, transferring funds to trust management. Also, from 1 June, 2017, the own Tenders exchange will be launched, created for the collective purchase of various property at a lower market value, the so-called. Investments (kraudinvesting). Since the platform "League of Auctions" is an additional direction in business from the holding Kashbury, the documentary base is registered with the holding, all documentation on the site is present.

Design The project is unique and executed in the simplest format, allowing you to easily understand all the features. The information component is provided in a professional context, but at the same time it is very easily perceived and remembered. All material is presented in Russian, since the development is still in the Russian segment, it is not excluded in the future translation into other popular languages. To receive a methodical guide and a series of free video tutorials, you need to specify your work E-mail in the appropriate fields in the "Training" section of the menu. The personal cabinet is most convenient and simplified, and it is also synchronized with the Cashbery cabinet, where the authorization data is identical on one and the other site. Only high-quality banners are available from the project advertising packages, but other promo materials, landings and logos will soon be added, which will help active users to promote the resource.

Investment tariffs Project "League of auctions" created by the classical principle of work, where the increase in the amount of the deposit increases the interest rate of income. Each plan in marketing has its own deposit limit, starting from 3000 TE (approximately from 50 $). TE is a trading unit within the project (1 TE = 1 to the Russian ruble). The deposit term expires in 500 days without a deposit refund at the end of the term. Charges are made on Thursdays, and applications for withdrawal of funds can be created every Friday. Depending on the amount of funds invested, the yield varies from 0.53% to 0.93% per day (16% -28% per month). Replenishment of funds is available in any currency (rubles, dollars, euros) through the payment systems Perfect Money and Advanced Cash or an internal transfer from the balance in the Cashbury project. Early withdrawal is possible with deduction of all payments and a commission of 20% of the amount.

1. Compact
0.53% daily for 500 days (16% in months)
Min / max contribution: 3000 TE - 29999 TE
Periodicity of charges: 1 once a week (on Thursdays)
Deposit is included in the payment
Total income - 265%
Going through the breakeven 189 days

2. Standard
0.63% daily for 500 days (19% in months)
Min / max contribution: 30 000 TE - 199 999 TE
Periodicity of charges: 1 once a week (on Thursdays)
Deposit is included in the payment
Total income - 315%
Going through the breakeven 159 days

3. Premium
0.73% daily for 500 days (22% in months)
Min / max contribution: 200 000 TE - 599 999 TE
Periodicity of charges: 1 once a week (on Thursdays)
Deposit is included in the payment
Total income - 365%
Going through the breakeven 137 days

4. VIP
0.83% daily for 500 days (25% in months)
Min / max contribution: 600 000 TE - 1 499 999 TE
Periodicity of charges: 1 once a week (on Thursdays)
Deposit is included in the payment
Total income - 415%
Going through the breakeven 121 days

5. Extra
0.93% daily for 500 days (28% in months)
Min / max contribution: 1 500 000 TE - 10 000 000 TE
Periodicity of charges: 1 once a week (on Thursdays)
Deposit is included in the payment
Total income - 465%
Going through the breakeven 108 days

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year) + GreenBar
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

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Payment systems: Perfect Money, AdvCash, Currency Cashbery.
payment type: Manual (up to 72 hours). Request for withdrawal is available every Friday.
The minimum amount and no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program:

Phone: 8 (800) 302-88-39 (Call within Russia is free)
Address, contact form, online support, skype-chat, telegram-chat, social networks.

Conclusion: A new investment direction from the managers of the Cashbery project, which integrates personal cabinets, provides training materials on bankruptcy tenders, and develops long-term investment packages with yields from 16% to 28% per month for 500 calendar days. As the domestic currency on the platform of the Auction League, a trading unit (TE) is involved, equal to the ruble exchange rate (1 TE = 1 rub). You can top up the balance of trade through AdvCash or PerfectMoney, or refill the balance on the p2p-platform Cashbery in any convenient way, and then from there select "Transfer of funds to the Auction League" from the user menu, fill out the form and money will be instantly transferred. In general, the project, we can say, is still at the testing stage, because some functions are not working yet. Since 1 June, 2017, the exchange with lots has to be launched, where the participants, thanks to collective investment (kraudinvesting), will be able to purchase lucrative lots with an attractive interest rate. We will observe how the League of Auctions will lead itself in the future, do not forget about the direct connection of the two projects and follow the updates. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 13 November 2017 year with the fund from 500 $. To our partners we offer refund of 5% from your deposit.

Do not forget about the new spring Seasonal stocks from the portal.

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5 reviews for " project overview. New direction from the largest holding company Cashbery with an investment program from 16% to 28% per month."

  1. akedis:

    also in the scam can be transferred

  2. Gennady:

    The company is very solid and time-tested, especially with such a giant as Keshbury behind, confidence in it, of course, is, the only thing I noticed is that money sometimes comes with a delay of a couple of hours, well, not very critical.

  3. Lyudmila:

    since Thursday I can not enter the LC. site is not working?

  4. Mikhail Ignatenko:

    Having tried myself in several directions. I tried to work for hire, opened a small business and nothing good came of it. Constantly trying and finding sources of income, I began to invest small amounts in various companies, which included the auction league. Companies simply did not pay me money, and the League in turn honestly fulfilled its obligations and in the end I got a good profit at the "Standard" tariff. I sent money back to the league and now I'm training on the auction. I hope that in this direction I can achieve success.

  5. Victor Kiryushkin:

    I, Viktor Kiryushkin, accountant
    the city of Nizhniye Seryoga
    At the auction of bankruptcy, he made one deal, buying a large enterprise's accounts receivable for 25 000 rubles. In the future, recovering from this enterprise through the court, the debt in full amount of more than 700 000 rubles. The time taken to recover was more than 4 months. The profit from the transaction significantly overshadowed the time and financial costs for the acquisition of this lot.

    The day did not receive, I invested another 25 000 rubles to get them, but this project stole all the money. Do not mess with them.

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