The history of the admin of the HYIP. A look on the other side of the business.

The other day I was approached by the admin of the HYIPs, and told my story of the ups and downs from the distant 2004 year. Have communicated with it, very adequate interlocutor. To me, as a person who learned about HYIPs in 2012, it was interesting to hear how the industry developed in zero, and even the eyes of the administrator.
I decided that it would be interesting to learn and many investors / players in high-yield projects. Yes, and admins will be useful to read - I have not seen anyone describe the work "from that side" in such detail.
At my request, the HYIP administrator wrote down his story.

Confession on a given topic. Or the history of the Old School admin.

Dear friends. I call this story a book of Boris Yeltsin. If you read from beginning to end, then you will find out how I became an admin of HYIPs, I experienced the roller coaster of the period of rapid take-off and a sharp drop down to the level of the semi-bomzh. Many believe that the administrators of HYIPs are unscrupulous swindlers who, using eternal human weaknesses, are always in profit. They live the luxurious life of IT-oligarchs ... it's not. Everything has its price.

Many of the readers are unlikely to recall the HYIP industry of 2004, many of them did not even know the word "Haip" then. With my help we will travel in time.

For me it all started at the beginning of 2004, when at one popular at that time Money Forum created a topic about the rates, where he published daily 1 forecast for the match. Let's just say, the day's bet. For 5 months, I led the topic, 4 months were in good stead. Conducted the topic on a voluntary basis, without pursuing any purpose. But in the summer, there was such an idea about creating a mailing list with paid forecasts. Then it was a very popular direction. Moreover, such proposals in a personal forum began to come constantly. Probably it was so, if I did not accidentally come across investment funds, where investors' money was collected and then interest paid - heipy.

Dear reader probably does not know about those times, but I can explain that then the industry of HYIP was in the making. There was very little information, no competition. A scanned passport scan (no matter whose) was then considered a good guarantee of project honesty. And if in contacts the phone of the administrator was also specified - such a project was put almost at the very top of reliability, a giant project. Conversely, the incorrectly written street index in whois domain was recognized as a serious blunder for the admin. In general, these were the times of the "trader" Kalinichenko (reference to the famous swindler), Finlist and other similar pyramids. And so, having an 5 monthly positive rate history on the forum, I decide that I probably should create my own fund. I did not think about any deceit of investors in principle: everything will be fair.

At the start of a simple student 1 course in the presence was only 30 dollars. The first version of the site I did not order anywhere - did it myself, in Word. The picture in the cap and below is the text of what I propose. There are no accounts there, and so on. I wrote all the contributions to the Excel file - simply and reliably. We hung this site, made in the Word, indecently a lot. But it did not bother anyone, at that time many HYIPs were opened even on a free hosting of the And there were good investments - now it seems wild. His first project was called Artbet (August 04 - September 06, two years the project worked). I posted some links to the project in various forums. I met with one administrator of the investment forum, and he was very interested in my project, since there was almost no real evidence of the projects. Admin was the first to take my HYIP to my monitoring - so I learned about monitoring HYIPs. Some money began to come on a trifle, and for this money I already in a web studio for 100 $ ordered a four-page site to make the project look more decent. After the redesign, small contributions gradually began to flow. After about six months of the project, I received a letter from a woman: "I'll put in thousands of dollars for 2, but I want to talk to you on the phone for a guarantee." What kind of pancake guarantee? I did not even have a cell phone yet. From the city I called her, talked, gave her my number. The woman believed me, and the student got his first 2 thousand dollars) All night could not fall asleep, imagine? Apparently, then she told me about other people, as the popularity of the project went uphill. During the next 6 months, I had several meetings in real life, which further raised the level of confidence in Artbet. At the same time, I ordered a new design of the site: with accounts, all by feng shui. Acceptance and payment of deposits were available strictly in the first 10 days of each month. The last months of the project, investors made an order of 50-80 thousand dollars a month, with fairly small amounts for payments. Ordered conclusions were few, mostly went to the reinvest - hunteranne was not in those days as a class. Plus, the profit was set at only 10-12% per month. And now the question is how much did I earn after the closure of the project?

The correct answer is almost none. Except for the invested money for the next project. No, of course some money was spent on a modest existence - did not drink, did not go to restaurants, did not buy anything from things. Why? Because I really did bets on sports, and I had to really do them. I was not hiding from investors, I gave everyone information about myself and my place of residence - I did not think about anonymity at that time. Therefore, even theoretically could not imagine the option of closing the project with the assignment of cash.

At one point, something happened that was bound to happen: he caught a black streak in bets and lost most of the pot. I was well versed in betting, but it's one thing to put my kopecks calmly on the forum, and quite another to manage big capital, other people's money. Whatever one may say, responsibility and adrenaline play a big role. If you dig even deeper: sports betting is an illusion that they can be consistently profitable in the long run (just by making bets). But then I did not think about it. And when the next month came a new amount of deposits, it all went into the game, often to recoup. As a result, Artbet was closed, when in a particularly bad month the amount of the payment exceeded the amount of the parish. By the way, if I did not play at the stakes, then (probably) I could still keep the project from six months to three years, purely on the tributary. This is the "earnings" on betting, with a minus sign. "Popani", draw conclusions.

In total, after the closure, I had to pay in addition about 20 thousand dollars to people who knew too much about me. And it was not enough for everyone. But no one called me, they did not come home, the police did not seek - although there were some dull threats. Most investors agreed on the opinion that the money is lost and they can not be returned. This was true.

The next project, it's already 2007 year - was It was ordered under a key with a unique script, but the site was very simple. Theme - Forex. Even to talk about him there is nothing - the depositors were few, quietly lived the project about 6 months, quietly closed without profit. I tried not to use the Legend of Forex, I never went to it.

In the same 2007 year I began to create a series of successful projects about poker. Successful above all for me. The first project was (April 07 - December 07 g). The legend is this: the administrator and poker player Prokhor Kozmich Demidov scored a team of poker players in order to outplay opponents (team play). Prohor lives in the abandoned village of Zaborka in the Tver region and from there creates his own black deeds. There is nothing more to say here - the project was popular, investors were. I do not remember exactly how much I earned here, but I went abroad twice. And on the whole I began to live better, thanks to the efforts of Prokhor Kozmich and his team.

➡ Here I will make a small digression. In almost all projects, my active deposit phase began after 4-5 months of work. That is, there has always been a long period of “acceleration”, during which they gained trust and recognition. Hitrunners, raking the cash desk at the start in my projects began to appear somewhere after 2012 of the year. And this is a big problem for administrators, I will return to this topic later.

2007-2008 years. Time has come, when the WebMoney system began to block wallets, caught in the funds in the pyramids. It was very sensitive, because it was through this system that a lot of money came. WebMoney was a "popular", popular payment with a huge turnover among the population. Payment systems e-gold and Liberty Reserve were quite difficult to understand investors, not adapted for Russian-speaking users. This is now a lot of information about the various exchanges in any direction, and then it was all in its infancy presented. A person to change money from payment to payment, or withdraw to real - it was a big problem. I then found a way to replenish WebMoney by purchasing special pin codes, which he himself made up. Then these PIN codes were placed in the digital store Then such still it was possible to do. And these pin codes could be bought for Webmoney or Yandex. The person who bought the pin code, then activated it in the account of Pokererson and voila - the deposit was credited to him, and even with the bonus (for what the person figured out). Shorter as he could.

➡ I heard complaints from admins that now many payment systems (even conditionally bulletproof) block pyramid wallets in order to steal hyip funds. Qiwi, Advanced Cash, Coinpayments, PayPal, FreeKassa - that's exactly the problem with them. Payment systems know that the admin of the pyramid will not go anywhere to complain / write a statement about the theft. They are waiting for a good amount to accumulate on the account - and freeze the account with money. Money to yourself, a letter to the admin template. Such things happened in 2007, for example,, for example, blocked the account with 6700 dollars in my account. Serious money, it was very sorry. This is also the admin risks that have always been and always will be.

2008-2009 years worked for me projects AgriTradeCompany и PokerViolet. Either because of the E-Gold scam, or for other reasons - especially they do not remember anything.

In the summer of 2009 on the wave of their poker sites, where the legend of Prohor from a forgotten village was a success, I create a project Kidalo. Extract from the page about yourself:

«My name is Anatoly Viktorovich Kidalo. Born 2 October 1985 year in the city of Kozelsk, Kaluga region. The father by trade is a combine operator, mother is a milkmaid. Smoking and harassment of girls dropped in the first class, the first kiss was a very long time, heterosexual, did not try vodka and wine, did not encounter drugs, was not criminally liable. "

The stupid presentation caused heated discussion in various forums. I myself from personal accounts discussed everything and everything, warming up interest. As a result, for 4 months of work earned about 30k $. Yes, and would continue to work, but the project was a strong ddos, a lot of time was spent on recovery. Then another curtain caught the ban on the mmgp forum. Things went down, the project never recovered.

➡ By the way, about ddos ​​attacks - a few years ago it was a big problem. There was almost no hosting with serious DDoS protection, there was no support from the hosts. Ddosery enjoyed it with might and main. Blackmail was very common: they put the site and asked for a ransom from the admin - they had to pay. There were even several owners of large botnets who collected tribute from admins - a small amount from each project (for 50 $ or so), and all more or less serious projects were paid before launching. The peculiarity of the work is that the admin cannot wait for the hosting support to deign to respond and help or the ddos ​​attack itself stops. Panic in the project = outflow of money = scam, especially in fasts. Now as far as I know, the problem is not so acute. I bought hosting, for example, from - and the administrator can sleep peacefully.

January 2010 year. I open the project Jaguar-alliance. The Legend of Forex. I did not achieve a strong popularity. Contributions are few. Earned through 6-7 months about 2 thousand net, which allowed for the opening of a new project. But I liked this project, very good plans from 0.7% to 1.8% depending on the current deposit, and the move was small and the increased interest rate was available to almost any depositor. Different icons in the account, on the site, etc. Cute looked. Also here was the sponsorship of the rally team MRteam in the Russian championship. It was worth 2 thousand dollars for the 1 stage. It seems that I participated in the 2 stage, and then I had to skip the project. What can I say about sponsorship: it's all nonsense, it does not bring any dividends. Purely for the news of the project can be done, or to let the dust in your eyes. If you as an administrator decided to still participate as a sponsor of the event - the main thing is to not to repeat the news for another project. I know that some enthusiasts suggested that administrators become sponsors of some minor events, such as the Moscow paintball championship. And it's all very sad when several projects simultaneously announced this pathetic.

So, let's go further - summer 2010. It is probably at this time that the fashion for partisan projects begins to emerge. And if you look at my projects, they are all more or less partisans. For the most part, the first 3-4 months is an inconspicuous existence, a very small number of deposits. But I always thought of it, because why do I need to deposit more than 500 dollars at the start of the project? After all, many people immediately put on reinvest and after already 3-4 months they have a decent amount of several thousand on their balance sheet. Which will undoubtedly be ordered for payment, when only the project will start gaining momentum and unwind. It was always a big blow to the box office project.

I open in June 2010 project UltraHedgeClub. The legend is hedge funds. The site turned out to be so-so, maybe there were some mistakes in design, frivolous style a-la "flowers-leaves," many associated it with shkolota on vacation. I was not offended. The main thing is the result after the closure. I kept the project in the partisans and only in December 2010 began to actively promote it, a little design corrected. For the first time, I bought a card from Alfabank for a receipt-payment of funds (running ahead I will say that this is the only card for a drop (a person who draws a card for himself and sells it to another), which has not been blocked for a very long time. project). Plus screwed to the project Qiwi - and the contributions went. The project developed well, and in the spring 2011 decided to make a PR-share in it - the return of all deposits to investors. The amount at the time of return was about 20 thousand dollars. I made a share, returned the people contributions. Immediately after this, the inflow to the project increased sharply, about 2 times. After that, UltraHedgeClub could work for about 1.5 months, and I had to close it. The logic of investors was simple - after such a share the project will work for at least a month, this month everyone invested. The outflow of deposits began, and I closed the project. Everyone was deceived: investors could not make a profit, and I could not "get" a serious amount on the reputation. As a result, I fulfilled the project with dignity, and I also earned it well in it.

In parallel, in the autumn of 2010, while UltraHedgeClub was in the partisans, I decided on this wave to create another partisan with small investments. Project The legend is an investment in the markets of China and India. The first design is simple, but with a unique script. In 2011, I made a redesign, buying a unique script from a hayp that was closed. In general, he spent more than a year in guerrillas and so I abandoned him, although there was a thought to keep him 2 year in the same place. But the project, as the saying goes, "did not go," chindia had no contributions at all. The monitoring worked in the empty, and closed it at a loss.

➡ I want to say a little about the legends that go among the admins about the "Asian market". There is such an implication that if the admin owns secret knowledge, has "access to Asia", then serious investors from the large narrow-eyed tyrants, the Chinese Triad and the Japanese Yakuza will shower him with his brightest head. Only here the Asian mentality is such that they are in no hurry to invest in the pyramids. Plus, in China, in general, its national firewall, which blocks all the dirt - and you can really get into the market only through Chinese social networks. Do you know Chinese to figure this out? Just go to the most popular Asian search engine baidu - and you are fucking different from how it is different from Google, what social networks among Asians are complex. For all the time I worked with HYIPs, I heard only about a couple of projects that worked “on the ground” and also tried to go offline to Asian markets - that’s what they did. And when the admin fast in personal correspondence tells you that “deposits come from Asians now, we are not focused on the CIS market” - you can be sure on 100%, he is lying to you impudently.

We return from the mysterious Asia to our earthly affairs. While partisans are working, I plan to create a blog-monitoring about haypah. To develop, untwist, and then actively involve people in your projects from your blog. I saw how this happens from the side with the example of some projects. Constantly admins open their blogs, lure investors with furious insurance and eventually throw everything. In general, think about - why should an administrator give a normal blogger a large insurance, for example, on 5 or 10 thousand dollars? And for several large investors. Admin, however, needs to pay interest for deposits, and if he gives the insurance - then the administrator can not dispose of money with these money. That is, the sense of such big "insurances" admins zero, unless he "insures" his project. Therefore, if you are in a chat some blogger offers to insure the deposit for 2-3-5 thousand dollars, you do not run the car to sell, but think with your head - who benefits at all. In 95% of cases you will be deceived, and even if you pay once to the break-even, not the fact that they will pay the second. At me too such thought sat in a head - to untwist a blog, to collect on reputation the big pool or "insurance" to distribute in some projects, and it is good to earn. The blog decided to call ArtMoneyCraft. I think many people remember this name. But in the end he twirled and abandoned the idea, he decided to create another HYIP on this domain.

Project ArtMoneyCraft (October 10 year - summer 11 g). Legend - sports betting. I order in the web studio site with a unique script for 3.5 thousand bucks. And, perhaps, there was no more investment here. I bought 5 HYIP monitors at the start. More quantity never ordered, there is no sense in them for the project. Here did not think guerrillas, began to develop as usual. At first it's quiet, then more active. The project shot, thanks to individual bloggers, and probably in particular thanks to Alexei Cap, he's Rantye. The design was not really there, but the people went to the project. The same chindia after the redesign was much more beautiful ArtMoneyCraft - and had to close without deposits. I do not even know what was so special about the sport project. Only probably drawn betting statistics. And to draw this betting history, you still had to make small bets on Betfair, then from there copy the history, remove some bets, adjust it to the desired result and place it on the website of the HYIP. This was my most simple, problem-free and most profitable my project. There is really nothing to tell here, everything was so good. Super smooth development, the main investments began in 3 months. The largest deposit in this project was 30000 dollars, and it remains so for all my work history. The project was so successful that many monitors became its owners, bloggers advertised on their own personal deposits, and such an excitement was not repeated in any of my HYIPs. Of course, many wrote to credit them a bonus deposit, but this was usually not more than 100 dollars. At the same time, I still chose to give-not give, based on the popularity of the resource. And I also practiced the following, not only in this project, but in all. Let's say a blogger has my project posted on a paid basis. There are no referrals from him or not enough. I start him myself through the admin area to add referrals with deposits. Deposits from 100 to 1000 dollars, and in some cases even more. I look in the following weeks for his reaction. If the blogger begins to praise the project, advertise, talk about the project, post news, etc. - then everything is fine. PR works - the blogger began to deal with the project, people went through it. He starts getting refs without me. And now the reverse situation, referrals with deposits I made him, and the reaction of the blogger is zero. Even in a weekly review in his blog will not write a couple of positive suggestions. And the refs get something for my fakes. In this case, I was waiting for 2-3 a week of some kind of reaction, and brought the blogger to my blacklist. This incidentally a big problem and modern bloggers - indifference to projects. Money is sent to the listing, and the person does not even write to you - payments are postponed by someone at the forums and that's it. No work, no referrals, no news - nothing. I received money, and the result "depends on investors." Indifference is the main problem of bloggers, and was and is. I'll return to bloggers a bit later ...

After the closing of ArtMoneyCraft I make a break in six months. I travel a lot, I rest from work. At the end of winter I start creating a new project in web studio on the same unique script - Astoria-Holding (operating time: spring 12 - September 12g). Nothing special in terms of design, the project did not represent, the legend was also wadded. But since bloggers already knew me as an administrator, the project went surprisingly well. I worked 6 months, I earned clean about 2.3 million rubles.

➡ In Astoria, I remember only that I began to actively accept funds for bank cards of Sberbank, Alfabank and kiwi wallet. At that time, the cards were registered only for drops (now they are already doing scans for the passport - this is reliable and guarantees at least that the money will not be stolen). The probability of withdrawing money and a kit from the drop was great, although he chose trusted card vendors and with a guarantee. Nothing helped - they still withdrew money. There will be a transfer from the depositor, it is necessary at once to deduce in perfect or liberti. I hesitated - the block of the card, the money was dropped. It is necessary to buy a new card, and this has always been a problem at that time. Sellers of such goods (or "material" as they say in their circle) were not always in possession of the necessary cards. They made such material under the order, and this several days is quite a big problem for the working project. Investors do not like to wait: they want to invest money through the bank, but I can not accept it. Many of these investors lost. Losses from the theft of cards in this project amounted to about 600 thousand rubles - 2 times 250 thousand withdrawn from Alfa, and 100 thousand through Sberbank. Money was lost mainly because of its laziness - it was necessary to immediately deduce a balance on the arrival of money. But this is life and it's hard to be alert every day. You think: they'll lie down until the evening, at the same time I will pay the payments and withdraw the balance to Perfect. In the evening, you go into Alfaklik - there are zeros. Accurate in general with the cards, the guarantees of the Sellers do not believe. Open your cards better on your parents, sister / brother or best friends (joke). The project closed when large sums fell on the application. I closed it with the feeling that I had not "got it" in him. Life has shown that this is a dangerous feeling. On the wave of popularity and support for bloggers, people in Astoria quickly went - they all knew who the administrator was and how much he worked. And since large sums of money began to enter quickly from the start, too many people started to withdraw too early, and the load was serious at the cashier's desk. Hence only 6 months of project work. After the scam there were a lot of threats, someone wanted to write even statements to the police. A flag in their hands.

➡ Let's talk about contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Advords. She was set up in almost every project of mine. I don’t know how administrators of other HYIPs moderated and moderated it - administrators usually do not like to share such things. I'll tell you how I did it. When I’m only the first time, I don’t remember in which project I already decided to buy contextual advertising in Yandex, I couldn’t manage to moderate an ad. There is always a refusal for the reason that it does not comply with any law there. Simply put, because the pyramid. The project was already open, and I decide to take this step: stupidly hang one page on my website, where I describe the fabulous conditions for investing in Pytha, stocks, bonds, and at the end a contact phone number and some company details with the office I invent. And voila - I am going through moderation in Yandex. Immediately remove this page from the site and return the old look. Depositors hardly understood anything at all, moreover, it was only for a couple of hours. In the future, he always did this, but already in advance, before the official opening of the project, he necessarily created an ad in Yandex, and on his website he posted a page on which investment services to Pytha. As for advertising in Google: there I began to advertise much later, in my opinion, just from this Astoria-holding project. Placed an ad, and it was easily available in advertising. I advertised the following 3 projects on this Google account, but then they blocked it for me. Apparently they saw that I was advertising the pyramid project, and maybe someone sounded from competitors. I heard that now it was much more difficult to go through moderation both in Yandex and in Google - probably the pyramids were complained about them a lot, either because they finally defined the law “pyramid” and adopted the “law on pyramids”. Search engines legally also substituted, I think it became uninteresting.

Another interesting moment - on behalf of some large projects I was told to remove ads for some keywords, otherwise we would write to the support service to close your ad. For example, wrote from MMCIS, some HYIP from Ulan-Ude (it was actively advertised by Alexey Rantier, it seems like an e-bank) and some other blackmail was not remembered by everyone. In general, the last 3 of my project, I advertised only in Yandex - Google after blocking did not approve of the campaign. Contextual advertising had for me a good coming of investors, especially target investors, who first learned about high-yielding investments. This was very noticeable when questions were asked about the support "how to invest money", "how to register in Perfectmani", "how to replenish it", etc. At the start of the project, the daily budget for the context was low - within 30 dollars per day, the month through 3-5 usually brought it up to 150 dollars. On the whole - it was really high-quality advertising. All the rest is usually a waste of money.

My next project was GoldMeridianBet (working time: November 12 - May 13). On the wave of success of previous projects, I create another project on the subject of sports betting close to me. In general, so lazy to order new scripts, come up with a design. Stupidly took ArtManiKraft, ordered a minimal alteration of the script and some simple design downloaded from public. I did not conceal from anyone who was in the project admin - and everything also worked out easily and easily. Several monitoring, plus several bloggers, went to work. Smooth development at 3-4 month, but there was a sharp jump in deposits at the end. I collected about 5 million rubles here. After this project, I had a wedding, I planned to buy an apartment in Moscow. Because of all this spending, I did a lot with my assistants and bloggers in this project, not returning them personal deposits. Because of this, many people took offense at me. Until then, I always planned a budget for return to those in need within 2-5 thousand dollars, depending on the project. In fact, the reputation in the HYIPs plays a huge role: in a very miserable site from the "trusted admin" can throw a few million a month, and in an excellent prepared, expensive project without an insider will not go. This is especially noticeable among network bloggers, who often turn crowds into frank slag projects. Which themselves adminyat (but this is not accurate).

So you ask, but how did I advertise GoldMeridianBet? But in any way, much has been built on the success of previous projects. Did not attract any networkers, PR people, speakers. The only thing I tried from the new one is sending out promotional brochures to mailboxes in Moscow. Plus in the Moscow region ordered the placement of advertising in elevators. Spent an order of 150 thousand rubles, taking into account the printing of beautiful color booklets. According to my personal feelings and according to the metrics / statistics - the result was not noticeable advertising, this did not give, either on deposits or on registrations. I do not recommend it.

➡ Yes, in Gold Meridian there was also a reception of money for a kiwi wallet. In the last month of work, I did not have time to withdraw money from kiwis. The day there threw 300-500 thousand rubles. At the same time, the withdrawal was also decent, especially in Perfect, Liberty and Sberbank (the project rules allowed for output to any system). It was necessary to manage to pour over the day from kiwi to the perfect, sometimes even I had to replenish Sberbank - I lost a lot of time with these movements of funds. Nevertheless, the margin was about 100-200 thousand net per day, and it settled mainly on kiwi. And what is Kiwi as a payment for the admin? This is a big hemorrhoids. Often they blocked, with the withdrawal through exchange offices then problems were also too - such an exchange was considered too suspicious. As a result, to the scam of the project on kiwi-purses there were approximately 1.2 million rubles, which were frozen. I used the services of defrosting accounts from gray forums: one wallet with a 300 thousand balance on Beeline’s SIM card helped me to unblock it, but the person took half of his work. The remaining funds (about a million) were appropriated by kiwi. Such losses / risks from admins.

We go further - the project (working time: January 13 - April 13). For the first time I decided to use the h-script and the turnkey project. Probably not quite a good name, weekly plans, a "favorite" forex legend. At the peak deposits reached 20 thousand dollars, but then went the outflow and almost no new deposits by the end of the project. The Khitranners here tried their best. OnlineMoneyBank faded almost at the same time as GoldMeridianBet. Despite the different scripts, many draw parallels between the two projects, saying that the admin is one. I do not know with what it was connected, maybe somewhere it was pierced and signed in the letter not by that name or project. Still, it's hard when two projects work simultaneously, and you need to respond carefully to emails. In the support questions are often the same, and you can very easily mix for which project you write the answer. The bottom line is that there was no earnings, it is closed after the cash department is exhausted. He even refilled his funds in this project when there was not enough money to pay. All for nothing.

I want to talk more about hitranners. Actively began to appear in my projects with OnlineMoneyBank and Astoria Holding. But if in Astoria this did not lead to closure without profit, then here everything just the opposite happened. As you know, hitranners are investors who enter at the start of the project, and then after a short time before 1.5 months they take the investment with interest and look for a new project. Since 2012, the problem has become widespread. And you do not need to demonize admins - fast scams, this is the answer to the massive cunning.

Let's look at an example: in OnlineMoneyBank as I wrote above, at the peak of the cash desk was 20 thousand dollars clean. Now tell me what to do: close the project or continue working? It seemed to me that we should continue to work, because as yet another project is working in parallel, and as though I have not encountered this "movement" of the Hitranners. Worked on, the hubrunners came out - there were no cash desks, the result was a big one in the minus. Despite the decent work, there was still a lot of negativity and reproaches in the key: the administrator would work further, would pay everything, would earn more more! It was frankly funny. In OnlineMoneyBank, I paid everything to myself in several thousand losses, and more deposits were not made by investors. Therefore, here you will not guess. Rather, for some intuition, close the project and fix the income or pay further. By the way, hubrunners come only from bloggers or from under the monitors. Some blogs / monitors I did not take in principle in advertising, they too obviously had everything. A month their referrals participate in the project, post payments (at least thanks), and then even if the project works for another six months - not a single investor is active. I will not name these resources so that Hunter will not be offended.

The conclusion from the above: everything is interconnected, quick scams - this is the answer of admins to the mass trick. If you are pouring mud at the admins, do not forget to pour mud at the hunters, who, by insiders, will deduct several thousand into the project from the start, do not post their deposits and payments anywhere (so that the project is not thrown), and then come out with a profit without doing anything useful for the project. This is a serious problem for everyone.

The next my project, is not such a distant story - Point Union (worked from September 13 to January 14). I'm creating a new project on sports betting. Due to the non-return of personal deposits to bloggers in the past project, I am very cautious about ordering listings and communication - basically positioning myself as a new administrator. Some certainly knew that I was administering the project - they promised to work for wear. In the end, nothing good happened. The project was not particularly popular and after 4 months it had to be closed due to the exhaustion of the ticket office, although I even refilled my own funds, but it did not help. This I further upset the bloggers, who promised high-quality work. As soon as he did not try to pull out - and sponsoring the paintball tournament (oh, this tournament), and distribution of leaflets on the street / on the mailboxes. Zero effect.

I began to wonder periodically how many projects manage to collect the cash at the start and close. Why from start to projects goes so many people at once. These are not some giants, but rather ordinary projects. What kind of advertising do they buy? Somehow one site about stakes (Storm Betting) scammed and I decided to write to the administrator, well, how much you earned there. Admins usually rarely go to such a contact, but then received a response. He says that he did not work at all and generally opened the project for interest, like to understand how the industry is working now, and in general he has not been in business for a long time. Well, okay, at least answered.

I just had an idea for a long time: to buy out a recently scraped project with a database of depositors and their deposits. And restore it, transform it, make a full refund of all deposits (of course, if the total amount of deposits is acceptable to me) and start on a new wave of success to develop the project. I think that such a project would be a success. Here Storm Betting was already posted on many popular blogs, and I thought that if my idea is implemented - the project will immediately go up the hill. But the administrator of Storm did not go on sale, the base flatly refused to provide.

We talked with him and eventually decided to create a new joint project. The programmer, the designer had his own. Remains only with the bloggers to agree, but this, too, he will do for half the price / for the bonus. He says it is necessary to design the project according to the latest fashion in the world of design, and showed some advanced template. Said - done, ordered design and development. In total, somewhere around 3.5 thousand dollars I gave him, taking into account the purchase of advertising. Design on the topic of space was, the name of the site I do not remember something. Honestly, what they did to us was very raw and needed further work. The Goldcoders script, in some places the text simply was not read, there were many minor flaws. Somehow they podrihtovali it and put it into work. The late Born on his blog made a review, cumulatively calling our project a "dull shit". Despite all the moments, I was already wondering what would come of it. (Spoiler: Nothing good, as you can guess).

As a matter of fact, a fast profit project was obtained. The ads were typed with good discounts, there was movement in the projects - but according to my partner, the cashier did not raise more than 2 thousand. In fasts, many dozens players play, I did not know that either. As a result, I did not receive a penny from the project, and the cooperation turned out to be very muddy. Given that my "partner" offered me a second project to open - he deceived me well at the checkout, otherwise why would he second project in the negative? Refused, made conclusions.

And conclusions such - whatever one may say, HYIPs - is an industry of deception. And she draws people to her, let's say softer, not the most morally clean. Yes, and working in the industry of deception, any person begins to relate more easily to lies / distortion of facts. Reputation here is inexpensive, and everyone has a price. For all these years, I'm just not seen enough, not only the admin admin was throwing big money - friends were exchanging friends for money. What to say about admins, who by their very nature earn a deceit. If you are in a haypah, do not trust anyone, at least your money for sure.

Go ahead, my next project VipMoneyBet (working time: September 14 - May 15.). The legend is my favorite sports betting. A new unique script, though the design is again simple. A distinctive feature of this project was the monitoring account of betting bets. Creating a positive account was in principle not a difficult task, although on the betampam there are some features that had to be bypassed. But many did not know about this. Yes, many, I think 99% assumed that the admin is really a plus player.

After the last failures, I realized that I had to change something in my actions. Therefore, I seriously prepared for the project before the start. On the passport scans I ordered a card of Sberbank (later one more). He ordered a video presentation, a video message with the actor to investors (in the aftermath, a video about the meeting of investors, which of course was not). Already when the project was working, I found a good web designer who made a qualitative redesign.

➡ I want to move away from the topic. At this time, many bloggers have significantly raised the price of their services - I do not know what this is connected with. In fact, from 500 to 1000 dollars cost listing. With such high prices, of course there must be a return. Imagine: 5 blogs with the price of 1000 dollars. Profit project 40% per month for example. This 2 thousands need to be given to them only for interest payments. More bloggers paid? Pay more per month - and this is the load on the cashier. Will they lead investors? A huge problem for the entire industry now - bloggers are asking for very expensive listings for which they do not guarantee any result. In one project people go from a blogger, in another - by zeros. Naturally, a blogger does not return money, excuses from him in the style of “I tried, people just didn’t go,” “you just have a weak project,” etc. The load on the cash register is growing, as a result, unscrupulous bloggers kill projects with their listings. The second problem - a lot of weak blogs have divorced, which flood projects with tons of offers to buy a listing. And in the general stream you will not understand, really this is a new blog with a good mood, or a person with a boiled-up metric that will merge immediately after the transfer or will have breakfast for you to feed. You now say - poor admin! That cheatransy blame, the bloggers - but not himself. This is not so, I know for myself - I always tried to pull projects to the last. I just want investors to know about the other side of the coin.

In VipMoneyBet activity was very good, and these payments on the listings were invisible. The project was closed when payments began to significantly exceed the replenishment. About 4 million rubles is my net income. All profit was formed in the last months of work. At some point, it even seemed to me that nothing would come of it. Actually until the middle of March the project worked at zero - that comes, then it went immediately to payments. The project cash flow fluctuated around 5 in free funds. Imagine a couple of large applications for withdrawal and all - the end of the project. But then several large investors came at once, and they immediately gave a jerk up. And in April, payments already became more substantial, I made payments for 20k dollars - I could afford it. Next week, 25k was already typed on the output. There were no new receipts for these figures - I decided to fix the result. I did not have a financial pillow at that time, since the last successful project was 2 a year ago. Therefore, I was quite happy with this amount.

➡ Give advice to large investors. Want to invest more than 5000 $? Break it apart and into different accounts. You are more likely to get them back if you stretch the output for a week from several accounts, and less likely to receive the full amount from one account at once. Psychologically, the admin is always difficult to return large deposits - do not provoke.

Project TopMoneyProject (August 15 g - March 16). He was created as a partisan, he redesigned him in January 16. Legend is an investment in offline business. Of course, there were no such business plans in Internet-deposit, but in general the project on the h-script turned out to be quite good. I typed in bloggers, ordered more advertisements after the redesign, bought OOO-ku with a settlement account - the project did not go. At the peak was about 7 thousand dollars in the box office, which by March were withdrawn almost completely (along with profit naturally). There remained the listings and bloggers, who also had to pay a lot of money in the absence of a new influx. I got the costs for the project, advertising and payment in the 1 month of work after the redesign of the order of 500 thousand rubles. Then he paid for some time from his own funds, he did not see the way out of the situation. Decided to close TopMoneyProject for the sake of the second project, which I already worked for. He was the last for me.

Project MagicMeridian (opening hours: February 15 to May 16.). Was created as a partisan, redesign made in February 2016. Legend - sports betting. Total costs for it, including payments in the first month after the redesign - about 700 thousand rubles. At the peak, at the beginning of March there were about 15k deposits, but by the end of March all was withdrawn completely. Especially touched me monitoring and bloggers. In the beginning people were brought, and then they had no one left with an active deposit - almost everyone had it. Hitran became a mass phenomenon, with all the consequences.

➡ Take a break, there was an unpleasant moment - I was divorced for money. It's one thing to get a block of an account, withdraw money from a card with a drop, break into a hosting. And another thing yourself plunge. Probably, all this was due to a stressful situation, when the project seemed to be normal, but all the money was gone, but there was no new income. In short, in April someone knocked me on Skype to help me with the promotion of the project. He offered to hire speakers, negotiate with bloggers for a bonus or at half the listing price. He only demanded money for payment of services, and it was significantly lower than those prices that are official. Well, why not agree? Moreover, I have never used the services of speakers - let it work then in this direction. Indeed, he began to negotiate as promised. We placed on several where for a bonus, where at a discount. The speaker was hired, and he promised to negotiate with others. And then, something Skype began to work badly for me, the new version of Skype, he threw off the file of the old version of Skype for me. I downloaded and installed. I was delighted. And then, when the first investor with 3.5 dollars came from that foreign referrer, in the evening I went to withdraw to the backup wallet - and there it was zero. Began to think, analyze how this happened. I realized that Skype was a surprise. An unpleasant moment.

He also noted that there were a lot of fake applications - clones of well-known bloggers, unknown bloggers, confusing intermediaries between the administrator and the blogger, facebook promoters, YouTube bloggers ... Heap just everyone was knocking on contacts and trying to dissolve the admin. Admins - neater.

We return to the project. At the end of March, I received a foreign statement. He really liked that MagicMeridian had a monitoring account (I made an account in Betpamm in advance). Refovod promised that he would talk about the project and actively lead people. Sometimes those who are not even familiar with the Internet. With his words - 100 thousand dollars, this will be minimal investment. And if everything goes even better, then a large amount in 300-500k $ is not the limit. I did not lose my head, of course, not a beginner. He asked to test the project for a start with small amounts, gradually increasing the inflow. On this and agreed - went deposits from him, from 1k to 10k dollars. I also picked up bloggers and some reflowers. A week or two a deposit will lie down, order a stable part or all of the withdrawal. Then comes a new deposit from another client. By the end of April, the amount of deposits from this reseller was about 45 thousand dollars, but there were about 10 thousand in the cash fund project (plus a few more money on hand from previous projects). Why is that? In general, the contributions were on the plans 1.3 and 1.6% per day, and thanks to the partnership with 3 levels it was possible to receive more than 50% per month of income. Due to the reinvestment deposits grew rapidly, but with them grew daily payments. And from the last days of April to early May, orders for these deposits begin to be withdrawn. Order was ordered about 25 thousand dollars. There is no such money in the cash register, but the project must be saved (in order to earn more later). I tried different methods - nothing helped, money is running out. I take a very difficult decision: to lay a one-room apartment for 2 million rubles, which I got from my parents. In dollars, it turned out somewhere on 35 thousand with commissions. I make payments, pull the project. With all these rescue activities, I am communicating with this foreign refiner in parallel. He swears to me that new clients will come soon. At the same time, as if between the case says: the test of your project is already over, very glad that the payments of such amounts go on in time. Nevertheless, the remaining 20 thousand on the deposits of its referrals are also submitted for withdrawal. No re-investment, everything goes on payment. I deduce 20k, hoping that new replenishments will begin soon. It was well, already "last" money, and there was simply nothing further to pay. I'm starting to spend time with the simple depositors of the project, who is also decided to order a payment from the deposit. The refiner me dynamite - says that now a week away and how he will come, his people will go into the project. Ostensibly in the majority they pensioners and without it can not understand the project. It's funny of course now to read it, but for me this situation was just a nightmare. The next week, I was intensively looking for people who could help me save the project. I thought about a loan in a bank, but I would not be given a large sum of money. Nothing helped. Then, reports of non-payments began to appear. There were no new contributions. It turns out that the referee me "tricked". Although he wrote to me later - when payments begin, etc.

My personal fairy tale of the length of 12 years has ended. As a result, there was absolutely no money. It's not like creating a new project, but simply without a livelihood. Over the years, I have never worked, I have not received any skills useful to the society / I have not received any experience in any places - accordingly, the search for good work turned into a hopeless business for me. Nobody wants to hire an employee with a gap in the experience of 12 years. Some were non-permanent earnings, fell into a depression against the backdrop of hopelessness. It is necessary to understand that I have a family, a small child was born at the time. And I have no money. I took a loan for 200 thousand rubles. Subsequently, he collected more microloans, now there should be about 150 thousand micro credits - the debt grew like a snowball. The loan was recently a court, but I did not even go. Perhaps we should wait for the bailiffs? Do not care, I still have nothing to take.

It was very difficult to fall into poverty with solid prosperity. The pledged "odnushka" soon went to the account of the pledge - there is nothing to cover it with a banal. Six months later, such interest as some of the full cost of the apartment. A year later, his wife filed for divorce, explaining this by my inability to support my family. Left her our common apartment in Moscow and a car - after all, we have a common child. I got out of the apartment and bought a temporary registration. Himself moved to SNT in the country. From the parents the dacha remained, lived there until December. The house is not winter, but heated somehow. You do not have to believe me, but now I work as a courier. Not a courier from paradise - an ordinary courier. When I lived at the dacha, I got up very early, went by train to Moscow, in the evening back, etc. In December, the ex-wife offered to return home, help with the child - it is difficult for her to live alone. In return, I will have to take my "odnushki" and give half of the money from the lease to her. Plus, with the salary to help even more, because I'm a courier working. It was a good proposal or not - I still do not understand. Because she does not know that I already do not have a one-room apartment, and I have to give some of the money from the rent, on the condition of returning to it. Unstead of money, there are a lot of couriers will not earn. That's how I'm spinning, hard saving myself now. But I live in the warmth and next to my child. Some prospects for improving life there - looking for themselves on the Internet, the experience is still very large received for 12 years. But so far the prospects are very vague.

This is the fate that sent me to pay for the creation of HYIPs, for deceiving people and "easy money." Karma is, and everything has its price in this life. I for myself firmly decided not to go back to haypam ever. I really hope that my story will make every reader think.

The investor is that the admin is also a person who is not always to blame for the scum. And that skoroskamy and huntrneri - two sides of one problem.

The blogger / monitor - that any payment you need to work out, and not just take money for air. With this approach, soon there will be no normal admins, and all will work as couriers like me.

Admin - is the highest justice, do not lose your head from greed, remain a man even in such dirty work. Think about the future, HYIPs are not eternal - and what are you going to be without them?

A novice in investing - do not get into HYIPs, or carefully weigh everything for yourself. There is no freebies and buttons "loot", do not trust anyone. We need experience, luck and connections in order to earn stably. Perhaps it is better to make efforts to achieve success in another area.

Thanks to everyone who read my monologue to the end. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

13 reviews on "The history of the admin HYIP. A glance from the other side of the business."

  1. George ... oochen sorry .. that you do not understand ... did not understand anything .. this is the CONFESSION of the man who went through the difficult path of Admin ... a man ... wanted to earn .. but .. he met with a steep deception in the internet and TYANUL until the last project ... you read George this is the end ??? Admin ... I treat with respect .. that they told us their story ... !!! Thanks and oochen instructive-BUTTON = Bablo in the internet-no .. or you risk or ... you earn, but in any case ... WE FOR EVERYONE in our life! To monitoring, I wish, the continued prosperity ... !!! and smaller Scam projects ... there, too, Admins-which Monitoring-Trust ... and they .. give up the reputation of Monitoring .. and I. First of all, we are! Peace and Good to Everyone !!!

  2. Georgy:

    I do not understand pity for the author. He initially went the curved path of life, deceiving people. Now you got paid, what are you snotting all the snot? He lived in chocolate for many years, now let him feel how they live deceived investors.

  3. Andrei:

    It's a pity for this admin, he had to create economic games instead of hype

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