News HYIP-industry (03.07-09.07.2018)

I welcome you dear partners!
This week in the pseudo-investment market, nothing worthy has emerged, in addition, the weak investment funds of our portfolio on the blog also made themselves felt. Today we will just touch on these issues in the framework of the weekly news release. After all, almost mid-summer, at this time, activity is significantly reduced in the industry. For some admins, this is the moment of smooth start-up, and for the others it's an excuse to earn yourself a trip, hence many fast pews. We offer first of all, walk through worthy projects at Profit Hunters, where you will find enough offers with long terms of work. For such projects, seasonality can not affect, which is why they are recommended to be considered in this period. You can earn even more with the blog, participating in our permanent promotions, be with the best.

New projects: is a new middle percentage with an abundance of investment tariffs, offers are available with daily charges (2% -5.5% for 7-42 days) and with the return of the entire amount at the end of the term (150% -300% in 15-30 calendar days). The structure of the plans and graduation will be familiar to the regular players of the industry, whether they will be of use to them, we will find out in time, to observe unequivocally makes sense. The technique is robust: a script, a dedicated server, ddos-protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from GeoTrust with a greenbar, a unique design. Aggressive advertising at the start is not noticeable, we will periodically look behind the development. is a mid-term novelty of the current week with profitable marketing and mediocre technical training. Of the pluses, we can distinguish only marketing with an income of 6% -7% for 21 working days, the deposit is included in the payments, which reduces the likelihood of large losses and allows you to return faster personal investment. Of the minuses, weak protection and lack of original design. Not the best option for investing, but for those who want to go into everything new, it's better to test with minimal amounts.

bench: - 15 days, the next fastest way in the niche of cloud mining. Even with the maximum percentage of profits per day, the result will not seem colorful, in fact, no one here could make money. The project suspended payments, set the corresponding status. - 20 days, for initial plans, the insignificant consequences of investments, which led to losses. A week after the start, admins launched short tariffs for 1 and 3 days, that's where they could earn about 20% of profit without taking into account the referral commission, but the result was vseravno small. Moved the project to the scaffolding, the governor changed the rules for manual withdrawal of funds, while no fresh payments were seen. All our partners received a refund of all damages and a bonus from the blog. - 5 days, the admin has slipped to the level of bydloskamerov, although earlier similar tricks were not observed. The button for ordering payments in the LC ceased to work, the administrator decided to arrange a subscription by adding the "special offers" to all participants. Shake and go further, along the way do not forget to apply for compensation from the blog.

Events: - added four new tariffs with marketing profitability from 1.5% to 2% per day. The new plans are designed for 14-60 days with return on investment at the end of the term. The minimum deposit amount is 10 $. - worked the first 10 days after launch, invested more than 200000 $ at the moment. The administration strongly encourages active partners, and also regularly works on optimization and improvement of the platform. - developed a road map with a detailed development plan for the company at 2018 year, which shows all the important steps of growth. The company is constantly developing and guarantees the exact execution of each stage of the road map. - a project from a series of personal choices on the blog, has been operating for the second month, so the first round has been successfully passed. It is worth noting, the administrator returns deposits quite quickly, which indicates his desire to work further. No news from the fund yet, we continue to receive a floating interest and enjoy the profit. - report that the project reached the mark in 555 days of work. Simply incredible, but it really is so, admins show a decent result. Within the blog, the online resource works almost 100 days, this week our partners will be able to complete the fifth round, net profit exceeded 200% of deposits. - over 4500 investors are fixed in the fund, almost 2 months in work and more than 40 days in the blog portfolio, thanks to which our partners are already in breakeven and continue to receive net profit. The company is developing in many countries, holds contests and promotions at the moment in honor of the World Cup, so you can start earning in the project even without your own investments. - created a new chat room for communication in the VK community, for active participation in which you are guaranteed to be able to get promotional Promotional code to increase your income. The promotion is held between 09.07.2018 and 12.08.2018 and consists of two nominations. More information about this you can find on the project website.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 04.07.18, under protection - up to 01.08.18). (On the site - with 05.07.18, under protection - up to 27.07.18). (On the site - with 09.07.18, under protection - up to 15.08.18).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) The article is published on crypto-currency topics:

Crypto currency Kolion - the story of how agriculture came to the blockade

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 60% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 60% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 50% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 40% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 500 $).

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