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Review and reviews of the project. Long-term mutual assistance fund with a yield of 20% per month (Personal choice).

SuperKopilka project overviewAdded on Hunter the legendary SuperKopilka project, which only a novice investor has not heard of. The project is a mutual assistance fund between the participants and offers a low level of profitability, but a stable unique distribution system that allows it to work for years. The site has been functioning for more than 7 years, the reliability is very high, and accordingly, without hesitation, we post it on the blog as "Personal choice". Whoever participates or has participated in the Wise Deposit project, which has been in the investment portfolio of the blog for more than two and a half years, will understand the algorithm of the investment, for everyone else we suggest that you read the review and sort it out with us.

Superkopilka (Project Start: May 13 2013 years).
PERSONAL CHOICE! The project has been working since 2013 - I recommend it!

SuperKopilka project overview

According to the legend SuperKopilka project is an international financial system of mutual assistance, where all participants voluntarily fund each other to improve their own well-being. In fact, the site is a piggy bank (mutual aid fund), where the funds of all investment receipts are accumulated for a short time and are distributed for payments to those who have a due date according to the payment schedule. From the sum of all contributions, the administration takes no more than 10% for the development of the system, advertising, payment to employees and other expenses.

Graphic Design the site is original in its kind, the content is very powerful with numerous information materials for investors, partners and ordinary visitors. Visually, the resource cannot be called serious, but the preparation is nowhere more serious, believe me. The internal functionality is quite extensive and in many ways heavy, it will be difficult to understand right away, for this there are personal consultants in the project, or you can always make a request on the network, where you will find an incredible amount of reviews and video instructions on working with the site.

Marketing on the SuperKopilka site is definitely different from the standard investments in hyip projects. First of all, there are no fixed terms and amounts of investment, you yourself determine what profitability you want to reach, based on your own preferences and material capabilities. The tariff plans in the project are conditionally divided into weeks, each of which has its own investment limits and interest rate. The more weeks you choose, the higher the final yield, the return of the par value and dividends is made at the end of the selected period. The project uses the internal currency TETA as a unit of account, the nominal value of which, for convenience, is equated to the dollar (1 TETA = 1 USD).

As part of the investment program, the company offers 3 different tools for earning: Goals, Deposits and Rentier. Let's take a look at each of them:

1. Program "Objectives"
One of the first investment proposals in SuperKopilka, which allows you to accumulate any amount of deposit, making small installments once a week for the entire period. For each of your goals, at the end of the term, the invested funds and the resulting profit are returned to the balance. You choose the amount of the deposit and the term of work yourself.

SuperKopilka project overview

2. Investment program "Deposits"
Everything is much easier here if you have initial capital. You decide on the amount of the deposit and the term of its work, deposit the entire amount at once and at the end of the term you receive a return on investment along with profit.

SuperKopilka project overview

3. Investment program "Rentier"
As in previous programs, you choose the duration of the investment and the planned amount of the deposit. Deposit the entire amount at once and throughout the entire period you will receive weekly payments in equal parts, which include the deposit and the declared profit.

SuperKopilka project overview

With the proposed marketing, in principle, everything is clear, but newcomers may suspect a catch, how for so many years the site has been maintaining financial stability and fulfilling payment obligations without having a real business. And the answer lies in the complex mechanics of the project, which are based on such tools as the Payment Schedule and Onboarding.

Payout Schedule, Adaptation and Karma:
Payment schedule is a table where you can clearly see what amounts and when will be spent on payments to project participants. The schedule is updated automatically and is available to all users. If the current dynamics of the investment inflow does not allow making the predicted payments in the future, Adaptation is applied, the task of which is to prevent the collapse of the system, as a result of which some payments can be shifted by several weeks, stabilizing the situation. Adaptation the payment schedule occurs every 4 weeks and allows you to maintain a balance between deposits and payments. In order to avoid a shift in payments on your deposits, you must maintain the Karma indicator at a level of at least 100% at the time of Adaptation, the exact date of which is known in advance. Karma Is a conditional indicator of user activity. If you constantly support the project with timely contributions, invite new participants and show activity in every possible way, with a high degree of probability your programs will not fall under the influence of Adaptation, the main thing is to ensure that the Karma value is 100% and higher.

Strategy "Loopback»Allows you to create a passive source of income without additional investments. Your task is to make regular deposits every week, and when the first payments go, part of them can be reinvested in the project, and the remaining funds can be withdrawn from the balance to the wallet. Thus, you will maintain the Karma value at the required level and consistently make a profit on the liability. You can read more about the Loopback on the website, or it is better to contact a consultant to obtain optimal calculations for the Loopback, based on personal preferences.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain redeemed in 2013
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption by CloudFlare (1 on year)
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique design
- There is a site mirror - (if the main site does not load for some reason, use a site mirror or go through a VPN).

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at Hyiplogs

Payment systems: Perfect Money, NixMoney.
payment type: Hand (up 24 hours). Commission for withdrawal no.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.1, amounts over $ 500 are withdrawn in parts.

Affiliate program (an eight) 10% -2% -0.5% -0.3% -0.2% -0.1% -0.1% -0.1% of the amount of contributions of your referrals.

SuperKopilka project affiliate program

Promotions and bonuses for beginners:
Newbie Help $ 30 - after registration, you will automatically receive a $ 10 bonus to your "Prepaid" account, which is valid for 7 calendar days. After the expiration of this period, if you did not manage to create the program, the bonus expires. After replenishing the balance with personal funds through electronic wallets and creating new programs on them, you will receive another $ 20 bonus, the activation of which is available within 21 days from the date of registration.

Test Drive - test bonus, which can be used only once when creating the first program for the first week. After 1 days you will receive your contribution + 7% profit from above, the amount of the contribution is limited.

Ad mode - immediately after the Test Drive, starting from 2 to 16 weeks, newcomers are provided with an Advertising mode with increased profitability. The weeks must be filled sequentially from one week to the next and so on until contributions are made on all 16 weeks.

Wheel of Fortune - a drawing for new participants who made a contribution of $ 100 or more for the first time during a calendar month. With the help of a randomizer, 10 prizes are drawn, the bonus amount is 10% of the amount of contributions for the reporting month.

StopDebts - loss compensation program in certain situations when users find themselves in a difficult financial situation. An application for compensation can be submitted only once and no later than 1 days after your first contribution to the program on the project.

Registration on the Superkopilka website, making a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. To register in the project, follow the referral link from the blog. Fill in all required fields, check the invitation (must be bondy182). Agree to the rules, enter the captcha and press the button "Register". A confirmation letter will be sent to the specified e-mail, then set a password, this completes the registration.

Registration in the SuperKopilka project

2. Go to your Personal Account and familiarize yourself with the internal functionality. To replenish the account balance, click on the main button "Fill up balance", In the pop-up window, select a payment system and click"Next". In the next window, indicate the amount of replenishment in dollars and press "Top up«.

Creating a deposit in the SuperKopilka project

3. To receive payment on the main page, click "Request withdrawal", Choose a payment system and click"Next". On the next page, we check the wallet, indicate the withdrawal amount and press the button "Send". After verification by the fund's security service, the funds will go to the wallet.

Feedback form, phone, telegram channel, telegram chat, YouTube channel.

Conclusion: Super Piggy Bank is an ideal choice for long-term investments. The project began its activity in 2013, when they were just planning to launch the Profit Hunters blog. Naturally, we heard about it more than once, followed the changes, and after so many years we came to the conclusion that it was time for such a giant to free up space in the blog's investment portfolio. Despite the long period of work, the trust in the site is still very high, the current mathematical model of marketing will allow it to work out the same amount. As part of investment proposals, all users choose the program themselves, allocate any amount and invest it at interest for any period. Stability of payments is achieved thanks to the unique financial instruments "Payment Schedule" and "Adaptation", and passive earnings are based on a special strategy "Loopback". There is a lot of information on the network for these definitions, their purpose was briefly described above, we recommend that you familiarize yourself more extensively or use the help of a professional support in the project. Due to the need to constantly maintain the required activity in the project, the percentage of net profit is definitely not high, but the prospects for the long term are impressive. Excellent bonuses have been developed for beginners in order to master the features of the platform. If you don't want to build long-term strategies, at least take the opportunity to make quick money, we recommend it to everyone. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until December 1, 2020 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 12% of your deposit.

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45 reviews for "Review and reviews of the project. Long-term mutual assistance fund with a yield of 20% per month (Personal choice)."

  1. nata805:

    Good evening to all members of the Super Piggy Bank Community! My name is Natalia Kuznetsova. I have been a Super Piggy Bank member since January 2015, and Super Piggy Bank is already 9 years old. And for the safety of your funds in the Community, identity verification has been introduced. This is necessary for the Security Service to be able to make sure that you really are you, the person who registered in the project. Also, for all new members who took advantage of the action "Newbie $ 30", verification is required. Without it, the withdrawal of funds is blocked. In my video, I described the verification process in detail. I would like to thank the Team for a truly reliable project, and I would like to thank the participants for mutual funding. Super Piggy Bank takes care of our safety. All information will be under the video. I wish you all good luck and good earnings! Together with the Super Piggy Bank to a Decent Life!

  2. Yuri50:

    Greetings to everyone who wants to make money on the Internet! My name is Yuri Kuznetsov. I am a member of Super Piggy Bank 6.7 years old. The Community celebrated its 2021th anniversary in May 8. Such a term of work speaks for itself about its stability and reliability. Super Piggy Bank looks after new members closely. An important and necessary division has been created in the Community, namely the Consulting Center. This is one of the subdivisions of the project. When a partner invites a new member, for the invitation he receives a reward of 10% of the sum of the invitee's active programs. And an experienced Consultant of the Consulting Center trains a newbie from the moment he starts participating in the Super Piggy Bank and until he receives passive income. This is the main mission of the Center, as well as training partners in financial literacy. After all, each participant must independently build his Cabinet. This is the key to successful work in the Community. Such support also contributes to the motivation of participants for new invitations of newcomers, and for the CC Leaders this is a constant influx of new participants. As a result, Super Piggy Bank grows and develops. All information will be under the video. Together with the Super Piggy Bank to financial independence! Always yours Kuznetsov Yuri.

  3. nata805:

    Good afternoon friends! My name is Natalia Kuznetsova. Super Piggy Bank celebrated its 2021th anniversary in May 8. I have been working in the Community for 6.7 years, and during this time I have never allowed a shift in the payment schedule, because I have always fulfilled Karma by 100% or more. Now is the 4th week of the current period. In achieving 100% Karma I used the Deposits accumulation programs. Now my Karma is 100%. She built her Cabinet according to the passive income strategy or Loopback until the 60th week. And now I get passive income every week. I would like to thank the Team for a smart and thoughtful marketing plan, and I would like to thank the participants for mutual financing of each other. In these difficult times, being a member of the Super Piggy Bank Community is an excellent alternative to working on the ground. I invite everyone to my team. All information will be under the video. I wish you all good luck and success in achieving your goals! Together with the Super Piggy Bank to a Decent Life!

  4. Yuri50:

    Friends, good afternoon! My name is Yuri Kuznetsov. I have been participating in the Super Piggy Bank for 6.7 years, and the Community turned 8 in May. This is an already well-established, stable and reliable project. In the Super Piggy Bank, there are 4 degrees of protection for the contributions of participants and their payments. This is a passive income strategy, a payment schedule, adaptation of a payment schedule, Karma as an automatic justice tool, and finally the 4th tool is torrent payments. All 4 degrees of protection give strong stability to the Community, the ability to successfully pass "difficult" periods, and the main thing is always guaranteed and in due time to pay for the created programs, as well as successfully develop and please their partners with reliable and long-term work. Thanks to the Community Team for such protection tools, this is our shared confidence in successful participation for decades. Thank you partners for mutual financing! There will be information under the video. Together with the Super Piggy Bank to financial independence! Always yours Kuznetsov Yuri.

  5. nata805:

    Greetings friends! My name is Natalia Kuznetsova. Super Piggy Bank has been operating for 9 years now, and I have been in the Community for 6.6 years. Super Piggy Bank works on the principle of an improved mutual aid cashier. In the first year of its operation, the project worked on a first-come, first-served basis. But the project team, seeing significant mistakes, gradually introduced new tools: payment schedule, accumulation programs, adaptation of the payment schedule, karma, timely contribution ratio, etc. All these tools contributed to the rapid development of the Community, and the participation of partners became reliable and stable. Members' contributions now have four degrees of protection. The principle of Super Piggy Bank's work is mutual financing of each other's participants. This gives the replenishment of the cash desk in the required amount, respectively, there is always money for payments to participants according to the payment schedule. Partners are now confident in their contributions. Together with the Super Piggy Bank to a Decent Life!

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