Payment systems

The most popular electronic payment systems for working with HYIPs are Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay и Payeer.

It is also necessary to consider other bills - Webmoney, LigPay, MoneyBookers.

Let's see how they function.

Perfect Money

This system is perhaps the most popular among the HYIP-investors. It is possible to open accounts in US dollars and in euros. She has enough democratic system of taxation of interest: operations inside 0,5% system operations for the withdrawal of funds not subject to interest. On the balance of the account is charged 5% per annum.

The disadvantage of this system is that not all banks are working with her and have the ability to make transfers on its details. But this problem is completely solved, for example, with the help of a personal exchange.

The money for the personal account in Perfect Money system is not put labor. This can be used:

  • Bank transfers. Under the terms of Perfect Money, bank transfer can be carried out only for the amount of US $ 300.
  • Exchanges points from partner banks. On the order of these operations is available after login.
  • Measurement tools, such as Webmoney.

Withdrawals from the system is also not absolutely no problem. This can be accomplished by:

  • Bank transfer to your personal account;
  • Transfer Western Union or MoneyGram through the exchange offices of the partner banks;
  • Transfers of funds to Webmoney wallet, which operates the majority of banks in the CIS.


This system is popular among residents of the CIS countries, as it supports the Russian language, provides the ability to open accounts in US dollars, Euro, Russian ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia. Another important factor is that it details the transfer is carried out virtually all the banks post-Soviet space.

Here commission for remittances is slightly higher than for Perfect Money and is 0,8%.

Sign up for Webmoney is quite simple, all carried out by the steps below. Note that all data that you enter into the program, should be genuine, including a mobile phone, as it has a direct impact on whether you will be able to help the bank to withdraw their money from the account.

The money on the account can be set via:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • Exchange offices by cash in exchange for WMZ;
  • Special Webmoney card, which is commercially available.

Withdraw money from Webmoney is quite simple:

  • Transfer money to a bank account;
  • cash withdrawals at any bank.

Later we will publish reviews and other payment systems.

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  1. ILNAR:

    HELLO I start my first steps to investment where I read that for large investors you have a separate chat ... I want to invest from 5000 and more need your help

  2. Anna:

    Hello! If I do not have a PM purse, only advaqash and a payer, can I get compensation from them from you?

  3. Good bona:

    Of course the answer, it's our job.

  4. Thomas:

    And I have no RM wallet, I only ADVcash and I do not want big purse to breed and everywhere your documents shine, and then God forbid, even a bare ass to stay, in our time, anything can be expected, a bit tired, I have to lose here I came across your site, look at least some compensation for any thank you, even as it supports its investors. Reviews you have a good, long read, study. Perhaps the questions will hopefully answer.

  5. Good bona:

    You misunderstand me - the compensation we pay ALL referrals, regardless of the payment order with which you make a deposit. Just an application to execute and specify the PM purse, this convenient payment order us to close the compensation.

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