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Investing in Internet projects, like any other investment, it requires some analytical expertise and experience and observation. In order not to lose a large sum of money and not invest in the notoriously unsuccessful project or program should be evaluated as follows:

  • Dimensions of possible profit;
  • The size and order of payments to partners;
  • Quality of the site for the program;
  • The presence of contact information;
  • User feedback on the site and the program;
  • The duration of stay of the program on the market.

And now more about each of the above items.

Dimensions of possible profit

To determine whether your particular project is suitable, should, first of all, carefully consider how much profit you can get from it. The greater the profit, the project is profitable, but note that some programs offer unrealistically high payout percentage, for example 25% per day. This simply can not be, and accordingly, it is likely that you will be deceived. Most real interest payments are on 30 to 50% per month, which in any case seems to be quite attractive.

Also, determining the amount of payments can be understood as a long-term project will be. As a rule, the projects are divided into:

  • High-proof;
  • sredneprotsentnye;
  • low-interest;
  • raznoprotsentnye.

The most risky, but at the same time and are the most attractive High-proof projects. They offer a payout of more than 60% in the month, but are designed for short-term deposits. In the selection of projects should be more careful and pay attention to the completeness of the contact information, as well as the availability and quality of their advertising in a variety of sources.

The most optimal one are sredneprotsentnye projects. payments on them are from 20 to 50%. Such projects are much longer than the High-proof and can bring more profits in the long run. Here it is best to wait for the first interest payments, and then you can re-invest, especially if the project is actively advertised and discussed in various forums.

If interest payments do not exceed 20% in the month, the projects are outgo and long-term. They live long enough, and invest in them better after several months of successful operation.

Raznoprotsentnye projects do not offer fixed payments. They tend to work with a real market, and paying customers depend on the income of the entire project. Plus such projects is that they provide reports on their income customers, and minus the fact that the project may not make money and therefore, it will have nothing to pay. Working with such projects is reduced, roughly speaking, to the transfer of funds to the trader, who will work with them on the market and to pay interest to the investor.

The size and order of payments to partners

The most reliable projects, as a rule, are those that do not promise more than 10% of the money invested. If you offer more, then most likely, the new contributions - it is the only source of income.

Quality of the site for the program

The better and better executed website, the more guarantees the reliability of the project. If before you perfectly executed, place with a beautiful design and original texts, it is logical to assume that the money was invested in it. That this could be an indication that the creators are hoping for as a longer lifetime of the project as possible. If you see a poor, awkward site illiterate texts, it is likely that he will soon be closed, along with the whole project.

Availability of contact information

The more information that is presented on the site, the more reliable the project. If you see an opportunity to contact technical support, as well as to send a complaint, it is likely, such a project can be trusted.

User feedback on the site and the program

The more information, advertisements and reviews about the program in different sources, the more reliable it is. One of the most popular and frequently visited forums on this topic is the MMGP. Going to this forum, you can see and find out how successfully people work with the program that interests you. Both experienced investors and newcomers sit here, and their opinion can be very useful when choosing a program for investment. After analyzing this information, you can understand how long the site exists and works, how timely and accurately it pays interest, how convenient it is to cooperate with it. This, of course, will burn, especially for beginners in the investment market in HYIP.

Duration finding of the program on the market

At this criterion can be influenced by many factors, some of which have been described above. In general, the tendency is: the longer the site is successfully running, so it is safer.

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  5. Good bona:

    See "worthy project", choose - there are plenty to choose from)

  6. Nurmuhammed Muratovic:

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  7. Good bona:

    In general, I agree with you. For most beginners - it's a lottery. But those who improve their skills in this "game", at a distance are stable advantage.

  8. Even if you have checked everything and all is well, it can not guarantee profits and stability of the project. As the investment of money in the HYIP can not be called investment. This lottery: get the money or lose it.

    In my opinion it is currently investing: stocks, real estate, business. A HYIP can be used as entertainment or hobbies.

  9. Love:

    Yes, that's absolutely agree with Stanislav.

  10. Stanislas:

    Not everything written is an axiom. "The availability of technical support and contact information" - can be a fiction. Ie until the project everything is good, then those. support works and answer questions, but as the money ran out or decided skamanut and run away with the money, then at least write, though they call, silence of the lambs.

    For the duration of the project location on Ryn is not quite going smoothly. If not vysokoprotsentnik zaskamilsya 30 in the first days of operation, it is highly likely that he is about to come to an end.

    According to the reviews on the site MMPG too, should not judge his head to think. Ato will turn out as a project 1nstant / Steep legend to the masses moved about the super-admin and all flew like sheep to the slaughter.

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