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Dear Partners

Our portal does not stand still, we are developing and constantly think about how to increase the income of our users. In addition to seasonal loyalty programs, it was decided to launch a new payment system for your participation in the life of the portal. Now you can earn absolutely without risk, or easily increase your profit from investing. We offer you several ways to participate in the life of the portal and are willing to pay good money for communication!)

1) Payment for activity in the community VKontakte.

We pay every reasonable comment and repost in our community VC:

$ 0,03for repost any news on the portal on its wall
$ 0,02 - for comment / opinion in the discussion for the post

Plus every month we will reward Four The most active members of our community with a generous bonus ($ 25). In deciding on the award, your likes, reposts and comments, that is, the total activity in the group, as well as the activity on our YouTube channel and the forum, will be taken into account in our topic.


You need to register on the Blog and the presence in our group VKontakte -> Here!

Your Account:

To receive payment for your activity, your account must have at least: 100 friends

Important recommendation for registration: Add an avatar, some photos, information about yourself, join the investment and related groups. All this is not difficult and will take no more than 20 minutes of your time. We are interested in live, thematic and active users.

Moderation of Accounts: We reserve the right to exclude from the action not active, useless, unrated accounts! And just frankly winded / fake and decorated not according to the rules.


Reposts need to be done as new posts appear in the group and without a big time delay: Until 3X Day, since the publication of the post.

Example: If the post is placed on December 1 in 15: 00 MSK, then the repost must be made no later than 15: 00 MSK on December 4. Pay attention to the time of publication, if you see that you are late with the repost, you can not do it, because such a repost will not be paid!

Attention: Repost posts with contests: NOT PAYING!

Commenting on:

Comments are only paid in this month!
Comments on your deposit, or payments: Paid for!

There is a restriction in commenting on old posts: Comments under posts 5 and more than a day ago are not paid! Please do not write a few of their posts in a row! Wait for the new comment and write your own. Double comments are not paid!

Friends, a huge request, do not turn your discussion into a correspondence, leave reasonable, semantic comments on the topic of the post, and not just formal replies.
If you want to talk, then we certainly do not mind, but as a filling of posts for payment, these comments will not be paid!

Acceptance and Payment of Applications:

To receive a reward, you must send a report to the email of our promoter Zen Master at the end of the month:
Reports are accepted only by mail!

The report must include: link to your account, nickname on the portal, the number of comments / repost per month, your wallet Perfect, Yandex

The deadline for applications is limited! Your stock reports, you must send no later than the number 5, new month. Accordingly, reports received Later 5 numbers will not be accepted!

After checking, during 7 days the next month you get paid for your communication.
We reserve the right to give reasoned refusal to pay remuneration if you suspect a fraud / fraud on your part.

We pay comments on the YouTube channel

We really appreciate your opinion on the portal, and we are ready to pay for your comments on videootzyvy our YouTube channel.

$ 0,02 - for comment

Conditions of participation in the program:

Registration on the portal, a subscription to our YouTube channel;

- Guys, no offense - but comments like "yabvdul" or "I knew it" will not be paid.
- We reserve the right to a reasoned refusal to pay compensation in cases of suspected cheat / fraud on your part.

3) We pay for posts in the portal topic on the forum

$ 0,02 - for your post

Conditions of participation in the program:

Registration on the portal and forum;

- Guys, no offense - but the flood will not be paid.
- We reserve the right to a reasoned refusal to pay compensation in cases of suspected cheat / fraud on your part.


No one will offer you a simple way to earn money)
Communicate, share their opinions, participate in the life of the portal - and we take care of your financial well-being!

We will pay you all!

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  1. Aleksfs:

    And what will happen now with the competition of activity in connection with blocking VC? Youtube and the forum will still be accepted?

  2. Cepgeyprh:

    Thanks to the Profit-Hunters team for the reward! Wonderful !
    The amount of 7.1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U2773187-> U15393 ***. Memo: Payment activity. Date: 08: 55 04.02.19. Batch: 245290431.

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