Seasonal stocks

Double payment bounty, insurance auctions in PH-chat, 3 top secret gifts!


Winter is the time for hot bonuses from the blog.
I want the holidays to be happy and profitable!
The last week of the 2019 year and the first week of the New 2020 year will be special for all participants in the Bounty.
Lucky Weekends and double pay for activity!

Important! Conditions
We pay excellent bonuses for your activity.
Leave comments, posts in social networks / forums - and get paid!
Details on the BOUNTY page of the program

Only accounts with avatars and at least 20 subscribers / friends can participate.
One project = One comment per day (for each social network / aggregator).
Commentary is a STRICT payment from the project, or a deposit into the project.
Your deposit must be made via the PH blog link.
At the end of each comment you need to write in a free form that you invest with the blog

For example (just examples, wording at your discretion):

The project pays instant, everything is super!

21: 40 25.08.19 Receive 277360330 U20379009
Just Investing Online - JIO + 11.00
Received Payment 11.00 USD from account U20379009.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.
Withdraw to TheInvestor from JUST INVESTING ONLINE.

I invest with the blog - contribution under the "Protection"
I made a deposit in the project at the link

11: 03 21.08.19 Transfer 276791823 U20984402
betcitycompany -201.00 1.00
Sent Payment 200.00 USD to account U20984402.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Account replenishment through PerfectMoney by TheInvestor user on 200.00 USD.
Payment ID: 1000

Refbek from the blog received, thanks.


Throughout the winter, we will conduct insurance auctions in the Telegram blog chat: @profithunterschat
The conditions are simple - the one who agrees to make a deposit for a larger amount, he receives a fixed insurance.
In case of project scam, refback is not taken into account - only profit received from the project.
Great opportunity to invest without risk.
Subscribe to the Telegram channel and blog chat, participate in auctions.



People are interested in something new. Okay, I’ll do three secret actions this winter.
No repetition, original, profitable - everything as you like 😉
Just subscribe to our Telegram channel, invest on the blog links and follow the news.


We can not allow large investors to lose large sums in the scum.
Therefore we make a separate VIP fund for large investors.
Now each deposit from 500 $ will be insured for a minimum of 20% of losses.

We form a separate fund for investors with deposits from 500 $.
The fund is valid for all new projects on the blog, except projects with a note (DOES NOT WORK WITH VIP FUND) in the description.

With a quick look in the project, all large investors receive a separate compensation from the general fund, at least 20% of the amount lost in the project.
Compensation is not cumulative with “Deposit Protection” compensation.

Thus, on the one hand, large investors receive a high percentage of compensation.
On the other hand, for investors with small deposits, the Deposit Protection Fund will not be “eroded”.

IMPORTANT! VIP compensation periods = deposit protection period. Keep track of the deadlines!


We are announcing a VIP chat for wealthy partners. In it, we will give information for investment by serious amounts, plus we will conduct internal actions "not for everyone".

Chat access rules

- For any calendar month, make deposits on our links for a total of at least 3000 $.
Apply to add to the VIP chat.

- All information in the chat is confidential. We reserve the right to refuse work without explanation.

PS: If you do not have the opportunity to invest such amounts, but the information is needed - do not be lazy, write questions to me in PM.
His partners are always ready to help.

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