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Autumn is a time when you need to earn.
Apple became the first company in the world with a capitalization of 1 trillion dollars.
APPLE = this is motivation and success! The genius of Steve Jobs will always live in our hearts.

Take away a part of the legendary company, investing with the blog

All autumn we will give out "apples" and gifts. 3 draw, every month.
Just invest with a blog, and get a chance to win Apple Watch 3, Apple iPad and Apple Iphone X.
Plus we will give out money in every drawing ... In the autumn it will be hot 😉

Rules shares

1) With a deposit of 100 $ from our link to any project, you get an 1 ticket for the draw.
With a deposit of 500 $ - 2 ticket;
With a deposit of 1000 $ - 3 ticket;

2) IMPORTANT! To receive a ticket - after the deposit, send a letter with the subject "Apple" to the mail:
In the letter, indicate:

- Deposit amount
- Project
- Nick in the project

3) After checking, I will send you the number (or numbers) of your ticket (or tickets).

4) With 1 on 5 October, November and December using the random number generator will be selected winners.
For maximum transparency, a video of the drawing will be published on the blog.

September - we will play Apple Watch 3 + prize fund.
October - play the Apple iPad + prize fund.
November - play the Apple Iphone X + prize fund.

We can not replace the prize with money (if the prize is not money, of course 🙂)

5) The winner must provide a video report on the receipt of the prize.
You can in the style of - opening the box so that no one doubts.

6) We reserve the right to add prizes to the quiz.

Guys, it's just awesome distribution of money and prizes - the blog does not owe anything to anyone.
Therefore, I resolve all the disputes unilaterally, of course taking into account your opinion (no).


We will double the amount of refbacks in October. Earn at double speed!
The rules are very simple - every fifth blog reflex will be paid in the amount of 2X
The order determines Dima kda, in the order of receiving requests for his mail.


Classic insurance, which we will give out in the chat Telegram.
100% insurance + refback as a guaranteed profit - what could be better?
Subscribe to us in Telegram, watch the chat


We can not allow large investors to lose large sums in the scum.
Therefore we make a separate VIP fund for large investors.
Now each deposit from 500 $ will be insured for a minimum of 20% of losses.

We form a separate fund for investors with deposits from 500 $.
The fund is valid for all new projects on the blog, except projects with a note (DOES NOT WORK WITH VIP FUND) in the description.

With a quick look in the project, all large investors receive a separate compensation from the general fund, at least 20% of the amount lost in the project.
Compensation is not summed up with compensation under the "Deposit Protection".

Thus, on the one hand, large investors receive a high percentage of compensation.
On the other hand, for investors with small deposits, the Deposit Protection Fund will not be "diluted".

IMPORTANT! Terms of compensation for VIP = the term "Protection of deposits". Keep track of the deadlines!


We are announcing a VIP chat for wealthy partners. In it, we will give information for investment by serious amounts, plus we will conduct internal actions "not for everyone".

Chat access rules

- For any calendar month, make deposits on our links for a total of at least 3000 $.
Apply to add to the VIP chat.

- All information in the chat is confidential. We reserve the right to refuse work without explanation.

PS: If you do not have the opportunity to invest such amounts, but the information is needed - do not be lazy, write questions to me in PM.
His partners are always ready to help.


Most recently held a vote in the VIP chat for wealthy investors and realized that everyone is interested in pools.

We respect our VIP partners and do our best to make their work more comfortable.

To make the pools even more interesting - we will organize pools with partial insurance from the blog.
Very profitable and much safer.

Enter the VIP chat portal, use special offers.

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