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SUPERCONCUSSION! In the summer you need to rest, but not work. And you deserve it!

Invest with the Profit Hunters blog in June, and participate in the Travel to the Sea * from the Profit Hunters blog!

Warm sea, hot sun, cold Pina Kolada - all this you can get absolutely free.
We care about our partners!

* Five-star hotel in Turkey on the first coastline (7 nights, all inclusive) + flight from Moscow / back. Tour for two people.

Rules shares
1) With a deposit of 100 $ from our link to any project, you get an 1 ticket for the draw.
With a deposit of 500 $ - 2 ticket;
With a deposit of 1000 $ - 3 ticket;

2) IMPORTANT! To receive a ticket - after the deposit, send a letter with the theme "Journey" to the post office: [Email protected]
In the letter, indicate:

- Deposit amount
- Project
- Nick in the project

3) After checking, I will send you the number (or numbers) of your ticket (or tickets).

4) From 1 on 5 July, using the random number generator, the winner will be selected.
For maximum transparency, a video of the drawing will be published on the blog.

5) IMPORTANT No. 2: Main prize - Travel: tour to Turkey, to a five-star hotel on 2 person + flight Moscow-Turkey-Moscow.
We will agree on the dates of the trip and the particular hotel with the winner.
The total cost of the tour should not be used 1200 $

In the event of disputes, we reserve the right to choose the time and the hotel, as well as the rest of the tour.
We can not replace the tour with money.

6) The winner must provide a video report about his rest (we will coordinate his form).
Do not want to be shot on video? Warn in advance so that your tickets are not taken into account in the raffle.

7) We reserve the right to add prizes to the quiz.
Detailed conditions please read in our group In contact with.


Money is needed by everyone and always, but for some reason it is even more necessary in the summer.
We understand investors and are ready to support you.
Only in hot July, get generous bonuses to each refbe.

    • the amount of the deposit from 50 $ is the bonus to the reflex 1 $
    • the amount of the deposit from 200 $ is the bonus to the reflex 2 $
    • the amount of the deposit from 500 $ is the bonus to the reflex 5 $
    • the amount of the deposit from 1000 $ is the bonus to the reflex 10 $
    • the amount of the deposit from 5000 $ is the bonus to the reflex 25 $

Invest and get more bonuses from Profit Hunters!


Classic insurance, which we will give out in the chat Telegram.
100% insurance + refback as a guaranteed profit - what could be more interesting?
The only amendment to the rules: we will give out a minimum of 1000 $ insurances per week!
Subscribe to us in Telegram, follow the chat 😉


We are announcing a VIP chat for wealthy partners. In it, we will give information for investment by serious amounts, plus we will conduct internal actions "not for everyone".

Chat access rules

- For any calendar month, make deposits on our links for a total of at least 3000 $.
Apply to add to the VIP chat.

- All information in the chat is confidential. We reserve the right to refuse work without explanation.

PS: If you do not have the opportunity to invest such amounts, but the information is needed - do not be lazy, write questions to me in PM.
His partners are always ready to help.


Most recently held a vote in the VIP chat for wealthy investors and realized that everyone is interested in pools.
We respect our VIP partners and do our best to make their work more comfortable.
To make the pools even more interesting - we will organize pools with partial insurance from the blog.
Very profitable and much safer.
Enter the VIP chat portal, use special offers.

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