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investor dictionary

If you are in HYIP-industry and stayed here looking for an opportunity to make money, then you need some terms specific to this area of ​​activity. Below is a list of the basic concepts and definitions, studying which you will be easier to navigate in the process.

Account (Account) - a personal account that is available to the investor after registration in the project.

Auto Payment or Automatic payment - those payments that do not even need to be ordered, they themselves go to the wallet after a certain period of time.

Batch - Transaction number that is assigned to each translation is absolutely sredtv.

Compounding - the function of reinvesting profits on the main deposit to gradually increase profits. The compounding percentage can often be changed from 0% to 100% in the account settings.

Daily forever - a phrase that reads the daily payments for an indefinite period, ie You decide when to exit from the project, unless otherwise provided by the terms.

Denial of Service - temporary suspension of the project capacity, which is accompanied by a variety of attacks on the system or a number of other reasons. Payments in this case will not be carried out.

Diversification (diversify) - a strategy whereby an investor investment fund is distributed to several parts and their subsequent investment in different HYIPs to reduce the risk of loss of the entire fund.

Earning - investor's earnings in the project.

Earning only on mon-fry - Frequent condition in the projects, which speaks of charging interest only on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Fast HYIP - High-speed high-yield investment program high yield, above 60% per month. In these projects, you can quickly increase their capital, but they are short-lived.

Gold Coders - The most famous engine to create high-yield investment program.

History - The history of all your transactions through which you can track the movement of earned, invested and disbursed.

HYIP (HYIP) - an abbreviation that stands for High Yield Investment Program or highly profitable investment program. Such programs attract investments at fairly high interest rates.

Instant Withdrawals - Means of payment from the account, which are made immediately after the request for withdrawal.

Latest payouts - Late payments, which were made not so long ago.

Listing - is a list of HYIP, which can get in by paying the administrator certain amount of funds. Depending on the size of the payment, the site falls into a certain category, in which it is possible to assess the solvency of the project.

Login - Your nickname or the name required for authentication on any site.

Monitoring - the constant analysis of the high-yield investment program, which is conducted to determine their effectiveness.

Paid direcrly to e-currence - payments perevodtsya directly to the account of the payment system.

Paid Poster - a person involved in the progress of the project, leaving a message on the deposits and payments at various venues.

Pending - the time allotted for manual processing your requests for payments.

Perfect Money - the most popular payment system for participation in HYIP.

Ponzi scheme - investment model, which is based on the work of many high-yield investment program. On the basis of the payment scheme by the investor at the expense of new receipts of deposits.

pool - collective investment gathered a group of participants in the pool to co-invest and get the total percentage.

Principal - the body of the deposit.

RCB - return a referral fee.

Referral link - link for attracting referrals a project to generate additional interest.

Refund - complete the deposit payment, which is carried out at a SCAM program.

Reinvest - reinvestment of the accrued assets or reinvestment contribution to the project where the income was received.

ROI - Payback HYIP, which is estimated over the period of the deposit refund.

SCAM - HYIP, to stop their work, no longer to return deposits to investors and to pay accrued interest.

Script - program code that simplifies HYIP developers.

Share (share) - some share of the contribution, sufficient to contribute to the general pool.

SSL - a protocol that provides data protection between the project and the user.

Transaction code - password which allows to carry out the transfer of funds.

Voit - The user, leaving the voices of the projects on the forums and HYIP monitors commissioned by the creators.

WebMoney - In the CIS countries is one of the most popular electronic payment systems.

Withdrawal - The application for withdrawal of funds from the project balance on your wallet.

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