Introduction to high-yield investment projects

What does the word "HYIP"?

"HYIP" - abbreviated words in Russian on the High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), which means high yield investment programs. In these programs, you can invest money and get a high percentage of profit, which may reach up to 7 70%% per month or up to 3% daily, dependent on the designed conditions. Various investment trusts offer a different frequency to accrue interest rate - every day or every month.

It is not difficult to become a member of the HYIP, it is enough to perform some simple actions on the computer. First you need to register in the investment project and create your account. Then open a personal account and receive a purse in the electronic payment system, the most priority of which is Perfect Money. The amount of investment is limited only by the terms of the program, you can invest in the project from 1 $ to the established limit. On the next day after the creation of the deposit, you will profit from your investments, unless other terms are stipulated by the terms. Everything is simple enough.

Where it comes from earnings in HYIPs?

To earn an income and pay investors a percentage of the money invested, HYIP administrators take part in the most profitable programs:
- currency trading in the Forex market;
- sweepstakes;
- Stock exchanges;
- Other investment projects.

The most common high-yield investment program, Ponzi working on a method where the previous earnings paid to depositors of the sum of contributions of new members.

Is it possible to make possible the participation in HYIP?

A similar question will be of interest to anyone who has become interested in this way of earning in haypah. We emphasize that the general statistics do not contain comforting results. In reality, only 10% of investors earn in investment programs. The problem here is that most projects are financial pyramids, which exist only because of a new influx of money. When the funds for payments become scarce, the admin simply closes the project, and a large number of investors suffer losses. As such programs can work a decent period of time, then there is still an opportunity to earn money. The main goal of the investor is to select the most stable project, which is very popular among users and created with the expectation of a long term.

There are numerous programs for novice investors to facilitate the search for in the choice of paying projects. However, the first visit ever investment forums before creating a personal contribution. One of the best in this field is MMGP Investment Forum, where hundreds of experienced investors leave their opinions regarding a specific project.

How does the accrual of interest on deposits?

There are two main ways of calculation of profit:
1. Daily interest accrual and withdrawal of profits. In this case, the internal balance of the deposit come charging every day, and the body of the deposit is returned at the end of the deadline.
2. Simultaneous charging of interest rate and the deposit at maturity. The contribution of the work during the selected period, for which the interest konchaniya come together on the account balance available for withdrawal from the body of the deposit.

All terms of payment are specified in advance at the project website.

The duration of the terms of the deposit retention.

Dates fluctuate from project to project. Note that generally accepted in the accounting of working hours only. Therefore, the specified period is necessary to add and weekends (non-working) days, provided that the site is not specified otherwise.

How to calculate your income?

For example, If you received an offer to make a contribution to 30 days, it should be noted that of these workers will be about 22 days. Therefore, when calculating the monthly income is necessary to multiply the actual number of working days on the daily percentage, and the deposit will be refunded in full.


To minimize the risk, most investors prefer small deposits in a variety of high-yield investment program or parts of a single project. In this case, the fixed assets will gradually increase, and the risk of losing the entire amount of money will miimalnym.

Reinvestment is wiser to use when you start to get the first profit. So you can get a few relatively low payments for the various deposits that give a total of very good fraction of a percent.

Needless to communicate with HYIPs?

should be good to learn before investing in HYIPs and realize the fact that this way of earnings associated with enormous risks. In fact the larger the deposit, the significantly greater risk of loss. A distinctive feature of the high-yield investment program of investment funds with low risk is the high interest rate on deposits. Therefore, even in a small amount it is possible to earn a good capital.

If you are interested in online investment and are willing to risk their own investments in HYIPs, do everything possible to ensure maximum security against loss. To get started go over the main investment forum, use the features of the program assistants and various analyzers use basic strategy and investment rules. If you have a "green" in this business, do not try to make all your savings in the hope to hit the jackpot, best small contributions Multiply your capital, and only then switch to a serious investment.

What are the steps of the investor?

- The investor opens a deposit.
- From time to time included in the personal account account on the site and produces output accrued interest or contribution.
- To transfer funds to the wallet payment system.
- View the current situation in the HYIP industry, selects the most stable and profitable program for the forthcoming contributions.
- Analyze the risks and makes the final decision to withdraw cash and reinvest.

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  3. Alexey:

    How to put a contribution under the protection as to insure?

  4. Relle:

    To date, 99% HYIP - a pyramid. The diversification and dispersal of the deposit, it seems to me, the most appropriate methods for such high-risk earnings.

  5. Good bona:

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  6. Hello, recently July 5 2014 years have made a contribution in the amount of dollars a 19 Wg-invest.com project. Exactly 7 days successfully deduced income for Perfect Money, and the delay began with 13 of July. That is, interest on the deposit goes, and the output is not possible. I do not have another scam project?

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