introductory letter

Good day, dear partners!

I am pleased to welcome you on its website.

Who made a long and detailed talk in the introductory article about his long way from the simple to the investor Investment guru with all the circumstances and achievements. I do not want to do this here. In my opinion this is not entirely correct - to praise and to impose itself. If anyone interested will personal contact - write me a convenient way, always ready to share relevant information, advice. I never hide in the network: partners may communicate in social networks, freely give my cell adequate people.


Ilya, 26 years. I live and work in Moscow. Married to the beautiful wife.

Education - a doctor (the second "tower" - translator).

You are certainly aware that the Russian medicine, things are not too optimistic that forces me to all my conscious life is to look for sources of passive income. I try to be realistic. I like you do not want all his life to "pull the strap of his" and find a lonely old age in the Khrushchev with ofigenski, "generous" asset in the form of a miserable pension.(I write as much creeps ... no really)

During the years of "quest" was a good experience in many areas of earnings - bonuskhanting (including bots), affiliate programs geymblinge, poker, sports betting. Generally speaking - you can earn in any of these areas. The question of risk ratio, profit and time spent by you.

About a year ago he turned his attention to high-yield investment projects. This direction today seems most promising for one simple reason - with the right approach you can get the source really passive income and to secure financial independence. In my opinion - this is a great goal in life, and I will try to help you to achieve it.

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  1. Anna:

    Hello, Do you need to register somewhere on the portal? In the telegram on the channel and the chat has already been signed.

  2. Gertcenps Gertcenps:

    Hello! Long thought and decided yesterday to try, yesterday for the sake of interest invested money and today itself, how to be?

  3. Gertcenps Gertcenps:

    Good afternoon! Projects vip, I understand that they are not burnable?

  4. Gertcenps Gertcenps:

    Good afternoon Ilya! How to write to you in a personal, need advice?

  5. rusli:

    Sy ingin tahu mengenai btcrush. Apakah perusahaan ini terpercaya atau tidak

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