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introductory letter

Good day, dear partners!

I am pleased to welcome you on its website.

Now it is customary to talk for a long time and in detail in an introductory article about your long path from a simple investor to an Investment Guru with all the circumstances and achievements. I don't want to do this here. In my opinion, it is not entirely correct to praise and impose oneself. If someone will be interested in personal communication, write to me in a convenient way, I am always ready to share relevant information and advice. I have never hid in the network: communication with partners is possible in social networks, I freely give my cell phone to adequate people.


Ilya, 26 years. I live and work in Moscow. Married to the beautiful wife.

Education - a doctor (the second "tower" - translator).

You probably know that in Russian medicine things are not too optimistic, which forces me to search for sources of passive income all my conscious life. I try to be a realist. Like you, I don’t want to “pull my strap” all my life and meet a lonely old age in Khrushchev with an awesome, “generous” asset in the form of a beggarly pension.  (I write as much creeps ... no really)

Over the years of searching, I have gained good experience in many areas of earning money - bonus hunting (including bots), partner programs in gambling, poker, sports betting. Generally speaking, you can earn money in any of the listed areas. The question is in the ratio of risks, profit and time spent by you.

About a year ago he turned his attention to high-yield investment projects. This direction today seems most promising for one simple reason - with the right approach you can get the source really passive income and to secure financial independence. In my opinion, this is a wonderful life goal and I will try to help you achieve it.

28 reviews for "introductory letter"

  1. Abalex all:

    Hello Ilya! And what do the crowns (or beer mugs, I do not understand) mean in the list of worthy projects, somewhere they are, but somewhere not.

  2. liralic:

    Good afternoon, Ilya! How to write to you in PM? There are questions you need advice.

  3. Good:

    Thank you, we will be glad to see you as our partner.

  4. Astra18:

    Hello Ilya! I liked your blog! I, after retiring, also chose this niche for myself. I hope that I will be your active referral. Good luck to you.

  5. Svetlana:

    Hello, Ilya. I would really like to try and work with you. How do I start, with what? With respect Svetlana.

  6. filll733:

    hayping wakes only grow !!! floor is really the prospect!

  7. Eugene:

    Well, there are projects such as yours! Sam in this area do not know much about, so thank you very much for what you have!

  8. bona:

    Good evening. Please read my blog, all detail.

  9. Mihail341:

    Zdravstvuyte.Tak I do not understand how you can start to work? Sincerely, Mikhail.

  10. bona:

    Good afternoon. What kind of records it? We are working, and working hard. Subject true, but active pools are not currently expected.

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