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New deposit protection

Портал always cares for his partner!

Let's shortly and without "water": investing together with, you either get a profit in the project, or get compensation from the blog with a quick scam.

Investors with deposits up to $ 500 receive compensation from the "Deposit Protection" fund ($ 300 or $ 500 per project, the amount is divided proportionally between ALL REFERRALS)

Investors with contributions from 500 $ receive compensation separately, from the general VIP fund * (25% of the fund on the bench, but not less than 20% loss).


Lost money in a fast way? 3 steps, how to return a contribution (or part of it).

1. We order compensation through the form here.

2. Ordered - it means we have received an application. Wait 48-72 hours, this is the procedure for payment of compensation. After payment of compensation, new applications will not be accepted.

3. After you receive payment for the purse, be sure to unsubscribe about receiving in 2-3 places:

Vkontakte community
Facebook Group
Theme on MMGP
Topic on aMMGP
Group on Investoday

Or in the comments to the project / this page.

IMPORTANT! Watch for the terms of compensation. Terms you can see here.

* If the project does not participate in the VIP program, we make a corresponding entry in the review - in this case, regardless of the amount of the deposit, we pay compensation to everyone from the “Deposit Protection” fund.

956 reviews for "New Deposit Protection"

  1. кирилл:

    elizion received compensation for the project! thanks to profit hunter !!!!

  2. Fidan:

    Thanks for the compensation. Received Payment 23.2 USD from account U17701077. Memo: Bitpraz Compensation From Portal

  3. Bakhodir7:

    Thank you for compensation Changex-solutions with a 9% bonus
    29.03.2021 in 23: 06
    Top-up through QIWI Bank

    1090 P
    Replenishment through QIWI Bank, operation No. 21214100021

  4. Aliaksei:

    Thanks for the bonus

  5. Muhtar2:

    Thank you for compensating with a bonus !!!
    The amount of 36.9 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17701077-> U21613165. Memo: Neurotrade compensation from portal. Date: 17:03 03.03.21. Batch: 373923007. 

  6. bonz:

    Thank you for compensation + 10% bonus: 20:11 26.02.21 Receive 372041654 Received Payment 5.8 USD from account U17701077. Memo: BatCash Compensation from portal

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