Golden rules of investing

In case you decide to start making money on the internet with the help of investment, will certainly be guided by the basic rules of investing. These rules are not invented, but based on my own experience of many investors in this field. It is better to learn from others' mistakes and failures, minimizing further personal losses.

1 Rule: Form a personal investment fund.
Fund investments can be represented as an imaginary piggy bank where the money will be recovered only for investment. Often, not always possible to find the whole amount at once to invest in a quality project, with excellent opportunities for earnings will fly past you. In order to establish a solid foundation for your financial independence requires sustained investment fund.

2 Rule: Do not limit yourself to pay.
Get into the habit of paying yourself. Invest in your comfortable future, invest in yourself. Some part of their daily income (10% -15%) shifted to a private fund to invest. Do not neglect this matter. The loss of 10% of the total revenues will not matter much, but it will allow you to create a stable foundation.

3 Rule: Do not re-evaluating its solvency.
On the investment fund, keep that amount, the unexpected loss of which will not affect your family well-being. Of course, financial losses are psychologically difficult to bear, especially if the funds were earned by hard work, but if you still limit yourself to natural needs (food, shelter, clothing), then you need to fight it. To save funds in the investment fund, find other sources of funding. For example, refuse to purchase an expensive gadget, and invest the savings in your "piggy bank", investing them in the future.

4 Rule: Do not take on credit and debt is money to invest
Which would not seem a reliable investment company in which you are going to place their funds, the risks of financial loss will always be present. Therefore, if you do not want to be in constant unnecessary debt, get into the habit of investing in projects only their own funds. It is important to remember: no credits and debts!

5 rule: expenses should not exceed revenues.
The investment environment there is an inconsistent opinion: "Having invested amount more profits will be higher." But sometimes while increasing profits we stop to think about the unexpected costs and gain a completely unnecessary purchases, incurring loans and hanging on other debt obligations. Costs should be well planned and do not exceed the level of income. Just deal with the observance of this principle may be difficult, but you need to learn how to train yourself to perform this rule.

6 Rule: Diversification - the source of success.
In investment circles, this rule was nicknamed "the golden rule of the investor". Every investor must know and respect it in spite of all circumstances. The rule is to distribute your investment fund among several companies (3-7 will be enough), but not to invest all savings in one single, which would not be reliable. Carefully select and analyze the possible options for investments, if suddenly one of the selected sites will get a drawdown or even close, the losses will be reimbursed due to the profits of other projects from the list of your portfolio. Simply put: "Do not keep all the eggs in one place," diversify.

7 Rule: regular deduction profit.
Do not be carried away by the reinvestment of profits, and outputs it to accumulate personal investment fund. You can certainly rely on the stability of the project, but unforeseen circumstances may occur suddenly. To minimize losses as much as possible, the conclusions of the profit as much as possible. If the company really prove their worth, nominal interest payments of your contribution, the ideal option would be to invest the net income has not risking anything.

8 Rule: Do not rush to spend the profits, look for new assets.
Invest the money in the short distance for a certain part of the profits is considered not profitable. For example: for a certain period of time you get an excellent interest on their investments, which bought a new TV - is that money will bring you income? Probably, no. So they will cease to be an asset and a liability in pass.

A more appropriate solution would be to use the profits in new assets, increasing private investment fund and portfolio diversification. Thus, the greater the existing assets in your portfolio, the greater the profits can count on.

9 rule: The investment does not exist 100% guarantees.
None of the investment project is not in a position to give you 100% guarantee of the return on investment or profit. Even if the program looks solid and shows stable results for a long time, the same situation can not promise no one in the future. The higher profit margin - the greater the degree of risk. Anyone who offers full guarantees are deceivers or swindlers. Your task - to be ready for the inevitable losses and treat them calmly, always worried about how to profit overlaps losses.

Always remember these major (gold) investment rules and you will be closer on the way to a rich life. We wish you success in this direction is not a simple, which will allow you to become financially independent.

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