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Order refbek

Refback requests are accepted only through this form. In the case when refback is paid as a percentage of the deposit amount, you fill in the "Deposit amount" column. In the case when refback is paid from income - you fill in the "Amount of profit" column, in it you indicate only the amount of profit received from the project - without taking into account the withdrawal of the deposit! After the project scam, we pay refbacks within 48 hours.


The recent increase in cases of fraud on the part of users. Serve false application for compensation, increase the amount of deposits at the request refbeka. All seen in such frauds users will be banned on the portal, plus take additional measures to publicize their contact details on the public, so that everyone knew "heroes" in the face.

We perform 100% on its commitments, let's be honest with each other.

For a deposit to be considered "repeated", there must be 5 days between deposits.

All questions refbeku send mail:

When ordering refbeka: if the project is used to access email, the application to refbek
Please indicate the email instead of the nickname.

TRANSLATION BATCH - this is the transaction number in the history of your wallet, see the history of the payment system.
AMOUNT OF PROFITS - if refback is paid from the amount of the deposit, leave this line BLANK.

    Your name

    Your E-Mail

    Project name:

    Your nickname in the project:

    Your nickname on the website:

    Deposit Amount:

    Deposit on account

    The amount of profit:

    Batch translation:

    Your wallet:

    6019 reviews for "Order refbek"

    1. zodiak525:

      Thank you for refbek!
      Transaction 0.7 USD
      Number operations #: 400535092
      Time: 06.20.2021, 08: 49

    2. Serz01:

      A refback was received:
      Transaction 2.8 USD on U1993969 account has been successfully completed.

      Number operations #: 400533884

      Time: 06.20.2021, 08: 42

    3. zodiak525:

      Thank you for refbek!
      Transaction 0.7 USD
      Number operations #: 400219429
      Time: 06.18.2021, 15: 16

    4. Igl:

      Thanks for the refback from the Evercont project. Received on the day of registration on the project.

    5. Matthew:

      Thank you for Refback! Received Payment 7.00 USD from account U1854268 to account U27334091. Batch: 399498338. Memo: refback for Bitincome from the portal

    6. Ondry:

      Received Payment 0.8 USD from account U1854268. Memo: refback for Evercont from the portal
      refback received! Thank you!

    7. zodiak525:

      Thank you for refbek!
      Transaction 0.27 USD
      Number operations #: 399263030
      Time: 06.14.2021, 07: 17

    8. Alex01011961:

      Refbek received, many thanks! Received Payment 82.95 USD from account U1854268 to account U16337638. Batch: 399262879. Memo: refback for EVERCONT from the portal

    9. ZonderLeg:

      Refback received 16:45 13.06.21/399170252/18542 Receive XNUMX UXNUMX
      kherson +4.00 17.61 Received Payment 4.00 USD from account U1854. Memo: refback for Everkont from the portal

    10. Ilfat:

      Refback received!
      Thank you!

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